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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:58

K-THREE Co.,Ltd.

Precise kneading and processing of rubber as well as resin

By utilizing high-performance and precise compound technology, K-THREE has met various needs of clients, obtaining strong trust from them. Please entrust K-THREE with the kneading of rubber and resin.   

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[Product information]
-Ultra soft and high damping rubber, "Low Hardness Butyl Rubber"
Butyl rubber excels in weather resistance, chemical resistance, ozone resistance, electrical insulation, and thermal resistance. In addition, its characteristics are that it has excellent water resistance, and that gas hardly permeates it. In particular, it has high damping characteristics, low repulsion properties, and quick vibration damping effects. Accordingly, butyl rubber is known to be used as various types of vibration-proof materials and shock absorbing materials. Generally, the softness limit of butyl rubber is around 15º in the JIS hardness A. However, under the circumstances in which the integration of ICs is promoted and "softer materials" are required for vibration-proof or shock absorbing materials for various electronic or precision equipment, we have developed ultra-low and low hardness butyl rubber whose hardness is 0º to 10º in the JIS hardness A.  
-EPT natural compound, "KW Series"
The KW Series is our own unique EPT natural compound. Clients can use it as is, or we can color it in various colors in response to clients' requirements. In order to meet requirements for small lot supply, we provide only 30-kg packages. We prepare 5 grades according to their hardness: 40º, 50º, 60º, 70º, and 80º.
[Main equipment]
75 L pressure kneader (its temperature can be increased to up to 280ºC) and 18-inch rolls

-Equipment for tests and development
3 L pressure kneader, 10-inch rolls, Mooney viscosity measurement instrument, curelastometer, etc.

-Other pieces of equipment
Sheet preforming machine, feeder ruder, batch off machine, pelletizer, stock blender, sheet cutter, slitter cutter, etc. 
[Message from the Owner & President]
Suppose that someone comes to you and says, "I want to eat curry and rice. Can you cook them for me?" Then, you cook curry with great enthusiasm. You cook "full-blown Indian curry" for the person, putting in your entire soul. You serve the curry in a dish, filled with self-confidence. The person takes a bite and says, "I wanted to eat curry and rice which taste like those cooked in a soba noodle restaurant." A similar situation applies to K-THREE. We "knead" the materials specified by the client in the specified proportions, in a processing machine called a kneader. No matter how earnestly we knead the materials, they will not be a good product so long as the client is dissatisfied with it. Furthermore, the role of our company is to be a part of the product manufacturing processes of a client. We believe that the quality of clients' products and their productivity are affected by the workmanship of our work, "kneading" or "refining". Therefore, we must not become complacent (self-contented), but closely communicate with clients, and reflect the information obtained through the communication in "refining".  When we accomplish these tasks, we believe our refining process can be described as craftsmanship. We also believe that the scale and organization of K-THREE enable a finely tuned response, and that we must achieve such craftsmanship.

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