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Latest update: 21/04/2021 15:09:36

inQs Co., Ltd.

inQs products can generate power even in extremely low-lit conditions.

We have developed photovoltaic elements that can convert visible and invisible light (wide wavelength area) into electrical energy.
We are the first in the world to produce a substance that generates light from high-purity silicon dioxide.
Using this photovoltaic element, we can supply energy to the world on a small-scale that can be utilized on the spot.

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AeroproteK antiviral air purifier
UV-C + Ozone + HEPA filter (99.99%) combination
1. Suppression of viral effects through a UV-C germicidal lamp

Purification of the air with a UV-C germicidal lamp with ozone effect.
An air purifier is built into the UVGI unit in accordance with CDC guidelines

Coronavirus is a virus that is relatively vulnerable to UV irradiation, 
and in a recommendation issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 
the use of UVGI has been proven to have a high sterilization effect.

The purified air with ozone removed is released
and the proteins on the virus surface chemically react to the ozone, 
 breaking down their membranes.
Instead of generating ozone in a space that must then be sterilized and deodorized, 
it is taken into the machine, so no harmful substances are emitted.
At the 254-nm wavelength, bacteria in the air is sterilized and its effect is suppressed
Ozone generated at the 185-nm wavelength has a deodorizing effect

2. High performance HEPA filter
Purification of the air with a high performance filter 
Removes 99.99% of particles 0.3 μm and larger.
Ozone is removed with an ozone decomposition filter

The virus effect is suppressed with ultraviolet rays (UV-C)

Dust collection with a high-performance HEPA filter
SQ-DSSC self-supporting wireless communication devices
The SQ-DSSC can generate power with higher efficiency than a silicon solar battery in low light environments, which makes it useful as a power source for indoor sensors and IoT devices.
In indoor environments, it can provide more power than conventional
 solar power batteries.
A power source that is maintenance-free and can provide power as long as there is light.

Standalone power supply: Explosion-proof wireless communications device
Special hazardous place (Zone 0): Explosion-proof certified products. Can be operated without replacing the batteries. Can improve the efficiency of the patrol work inside the plant.
Explosion-proof BLE tag for an intrinsically-safe explosion-proof structure that uses a photovoltaic element capable of generating power in a low light environment as a standalone power supply.

Power generation in indoor environments. Realizes maintenance-free IoT without the need for battery replacement. Can be installed freely. Enables work management of operators, management of equipment, safety management of hazardous places, and improved efficiency of patrols and inspection work.
SQPV colorless and transparent power generation elements
Can supply power: Significantly reduces the amount of light reflected outside, preventing an adverse impact on the external environment; easy to change by simply replacing the glass on the external side.

Colorless and transparent, enabling generation of power on windows or wall surfaces of buildings, automobiles and agricultural facilities.
A 3D arrangement is used to effectively utilize the installation area to maintain the amount of power generation.

Suppresses indoor temperature increases to 44% of those found outdoors
The heat shielding effect contributes to saving energy on air conditioning control of buildings.

By replacing the insulating glass on the outside with SQPV glass, we can create products that have both heat-shielding and insulating characteristics.



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