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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:39

Daiwa Technical Service Co., Ltd.

We contribute to regional development with geological investigations, surveying, design, and compensation that all utilize ICT.

We offer surveys and construction consulting, in addition to our geological investigation and compensation-related businesses.
Specifically, we offer i-Con measurement services, survey, i-Con geological investigation and disaster recovery.

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As a pioneer company in Tohoku that leads i-Construction, we have the most advanced equipment and technology.
i-Con measurement service
With the aim of improving productivity in civil engineering works, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is promoting “i-Construction,” in which 3D data are utilized for all construction processes.
However, appropriate utilization of 3D measurement technology requires high levels of skill when piloting drones and sufficient measurement technology to accurately achieve the required precision.
We provide total support for utilizing 3D data in measurement, construction and inspection processes at ICT civil engineering works, paving work and dredging work sites with our measurement services.
Surveying provides fundamental information that is essential to our lives; however, the importance and characteristics of such information are often overlooked by its users as it is extremely fundamental.
In reality, the technique is used to determine residential areas and boundaries, which we see every day, and is applied to the large-scale construction of public facilities such as roads, railroads, rivers, harbors, and dams, which help to enrich our lives.
In recent years, survey results have increasingly been digitized, and the types of information that were previously exchanged on paper cannot be used as digital data. Now that information systems are advanced, people in modern societies can obtain and use information from personal computers, information terminals and mobile phones connected to the internet.
The role of surveying is to ensure that anyone can obtain spatial information at the required levels of accuracy through various forms of media, regardless of where they are, so that they can build an understanding of what is happening around them, helping to create a society in which they can live with safety and satisfaction.
Ground surveys
Ground surveys are essential for civil engineering work, building construction and maintenance, and ground disaster prevention measures. Ground surveys are performed through methods such as boring exploration, geophysical exploration, insitu testing and indoor geotechnical testing. When a ground survey is performed, it is crucial to select methods that are appropriate to the survey objective, ground conditions and site conditions.
As we engage in the planning and design of all types of civil engineering and architectural building work, from individual houses to social infrastructure (roads, water supply and sewerage, bridges, and erosion control facilities), which constitute the foundations of life,
we perform ground surveys and various analysis services, and provide the documents needed for subsequent foundation design.
In addition to helping to deal with large-scale traffic demand, it can be used to plot evacuation and rescue routes and can also be used as a space for hosting lifeline facilities, such as water supplies and sewerage, telephone, electricity and gas systems. Roads are infrastructure for satisfying societal needs.
Road construction needs to be planned according to the economic and societal changes of the times (diversification of values). Recent trends show increasing awareness of the importance of pedestrian and bicycle traffics, safe and comfortable residential roads, and “barrier free” planning. 
We offer proposals for road planning and design that serve these needs.
Road stock in Japan, most of which was built during the high-growth period, is about to reach the end of its expected life.
Maintenance issues are being highlighted, as risks including landslides and concrete pieces falling away from decayed structures are pointed out. Given this, more efficient maintenance and management measures need to be implemented with a limited budget, shifting from supportive measures to preventive maintenance.
In addition to ordinary inspection techniques, we have technologies that can safely implement inspections in places where the application of ordinary inspection methods is difficult, which is made possible by utilizing the most advanced methods, such as 3D surveying (3D measurement) and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) measurement. We also offer decay diagnosis and slope stability analysis, which are made possible by our partnerships with engineers at concrete testing laboratories and geological investigation departments.
We incorporate the information on the inspection, survey, and analysis results that are obtained in this way into our comparative studies of the detailed design of repair and reinforcement methods that we produce when proposing methods for planned maintenance and management methods that are more suitable for the local situation.
Disaster response
We would like to express our heartfelt condolences and sympathy to all who suffered as a result of the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake.
Since the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, we have been fully committed to studying the post-disaster situation and checking social infrastructure.
All of our employees are committed to make efforts towards the “recovery of a disaster-stricken hometown,” promoting cooperation and support for recovery from the unprecedented disaster.
Countermeasure construction work should be performed promptly following the occurrence of a natural disaster, and we quickly collect documents, prepare data and provide the various drawings that are necessary for such work.

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