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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:35

We provide technologies for the future (AI, IoT, robotics, big data, and so on)

Our main businesses include the robotics business and business consulting.

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Description of our business, business domains, and so on
Description of business
[Robotics business]
(1) We are developing our robotics business by making use of the NAO stand-alone humanoid robot developed by the French company Aldebaran Robotics SAS. NAO is a humanoid robot with 25 joints that can freely move as well as walk. The head, hands, and feet are equipped with sensors that sense the environment surrounding the robot. The robot is also equipped with a total of four microphones and speakers and can naturally communicate with people, listening and talking to them.    
(2) We provide the Whiz vacuum-cleaning robot equipped with AI (artificial intelligence), which was developed by SoftBank Robotics Corp. The cleaning industry is facing a difficult issue of short-staffing due to a shortage of applicants and the aging population. Independent cleaning performed by Whiz, which makes use of unattended operation technology, leads to cooperation between humans and robots, and solves social issues. 
Business domains
Planning, developing, selling, and operating computer systems
Planning, developing, and operating websites
Providing consulting related to computer systems
Providing consulting related to Internet marketing
Providing medical services making use of the Internet
Providing services, information, and solutions for the medical and healthcare industries
And so on
Message from the CEO
I established Sharevision KK Japan (SVK) by cooperating with specialists who had more than 30 years of experience in leading IT and other divisions, which are powerful drivers of foreign-affiliated pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies have already introduced IT and digital technologies to a variety of their business fields, so we contribute to their productivity improvement while ensuring the efficiency of such technologies. We strongly believe that our biggest assets are the experience and know-how that we have cultivated for many years through the development and introduction of innovative IT and digital solutions. SVK's business is to provide IT and digital solutions for issues or problems faced by various industries and public offices, and we make use of the assets of SVK's founders for this purpose. I hope to do whatever I can as the CEO to put SVK on track to success as early as possible, assist our clients in solving their issues or problems, and share future visions with them.   

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