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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:56

Sense Things Japan INC.

Sensing the world and creating value

We are a company with fabless product development know-how, from specification proposals to quality assurance.

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Sales Pitch

Automation of visual inspections
This is an industrial-use inspection camera system to prevent omissions in visual inspections and to compile inspection results in the form of data. 
We have developed a camera that replaces the human eye by have applying the image processing technology we have cultivated with our security cameras. 
This system contributes to improving work efficiency at the implement site.
"ZENAI" the deep learning engine
Dramatically reduces inspection time!
This is image analysis software based on deep learning, configured for external appearance inspections and product classification. 
You can use this to replace advanced external appearance inspections, which in the past relied on visual inspections by your skilled personnel, so you can significantly reduce your inspection time.
Edge AI camera
A condition assessment camera with no need for a PC
This is a camera for IoT visualization of existing equipment. 
It is compact and wireless, but it will analyze and transmit the images it reads. In addition, the camera keeps working continuously for a year or longer with an AA battery, so you can tailor its operation to the situation of your site.
Motion Gesture
Hand gestures for cameras with no need for teacher data
This product was made in collaboration with the overseas companies with high technology:
Instant recognition of static images, drawings, and dynamic gestures. 
Compatible with RGB cameras, near-infrared cameras, and depth cameras. 

"Non-contact" is its keyword, and it can be used in every possible field.






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