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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:13

Cybercraft Solution Co., Ltd.

We provide technical services, human resource services and outsourcing services in leading-edge technical fields

We respond to the requirements of companies with various semiconductor design and machine-related technology services, from LSI design (contract development/deployment of engineers) to design, development, and modification of semiconductor manufacturing machines. Our strengths are in our extensive semiconductor-related technical capabilities, such as device design, manufacturing machines and inspection machines, and our extensive track record (device design, machine design, machine improvement).

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Outsourcing technologies and services in cutting-edge fields, customized to each customer
Our main business is currently outsourcing and dispatching engineers in leading-edge fields such as software development; however, we do not simply undertake business or dispatch human resources, but instead, we are focused on the customization business, offering proposals according to the background and issues that each client has. In the future, we plan to advance into the solutions business, with the aim of having a system that can offer more advanced and higher quality services. We have established a position as a business partner who thinks from the standpoint of customers regarding quality and speed and are highly regarded by various manufacturing customer companies, such as home appliance and semiconductor manufacturers.
Four operational fields
[FIELD1: Semiconductor/FPD-related]
 Analog, digital LSI, ASIC, FPGA, system LSI, MCU, and embedded software.
[FIELD2: Electronics-related]
 Digital appliances, AV equipment, mobile devices, car electronics, and telecommunications equipment.
[FIELD3: IT-related]
 Open systems, ERP, databases, Web systems, and communications/control systems.
[FIELD4: Machines, electronic materials-related]
 Semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, electronic equipment, substrates, semiconductor materials, FPD materials, and electronic parts.
Seven services
[SERVICE 1: Dispatching]
 We dispatch specialist engineers. Our engineers are generally permanent staff. We can also dispatch teams.
[SERVICE 2: Business contracting]
 We station staff at the customer’s office, contracting for all or part of the technical or development business, or all or part of the processes.
[SERVICE 3: Project contracting]
 Customer’s organization. We propose a project team in accordance with the business processes and all or part of the project is conducted by our team.
[SERVICE 4: Outsourcing]
 We outsource all or part of the business, such as design, development, evaluation, and test program design.
[SERVICE 5: Contracting]
 We undertake the design and manufacture of panels, design and manufacture of control systems and control panels, and creation of programs.
[SERVICE 6: Personnel services and consulting]
 We perform consulting related to personnel services, introduce talented personnel, and arrange temp to perm staff.
[SERVICE 7: Sales support]
 We sell and provide technical support for electronic parts and materials, semiconductor inspection equipment, and electronic equipment, systems equipment.

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