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We propose a significant cost reduction through our combined systems.

Our company specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial machinery and has realized high-mix small-lot production by utilizing industrial robots in various manufacturing processes. Also, through systemization and space-saving that enable combined processing, we can propose systems that meet diverse user needs, such as significant cost reduction, stable quality, and unattended operation for a certain period of time.

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Business Description
[Design, Manufacture, Installation and Other Services for Industrial Machinery]
Our internal design, manufacture, and installation capabilities allow us to respond to a wide range of customer's needs. By systemizing and saving space to enable combined processing, we will offer systems that meet diverse user needs, including significant cost reduction, stable quality, and unattended operation for a certain period of time.

[Electrical Control, Software Design, Machine Wiring Work, etc.]
Our experienced and knowledgeable production staff handle everything from software design to the manufacture and installation of control panels consistently and accurately.

[Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Control Design, Plumbing, and Other Services]
To meet the diversifying needs of our customers, we have established a system that can handle plumbing work as well. We offer various types of plumbing by utilizing accumulated experience and know-how.

[Programming of Various Robots]
Our advanced technology and knowledge allow us to program robots for various tasks, helping our customers improve their operations and increase their efficiency.
Product Examples
[Handling Robot System]
Using robots to move parts into and out of machine tools and to arrange, stack, and unload products realizes unattended or labor-saving operations while seamlessly combining previous and subsequent processes.

[Polishing Robot System]
The system helps improve deburring efficiency on the manufacturing floor to produce stable quality products.

[Welding Robot System]
This system helps you produce stable quality products while saving labor and rationalizing the processes, from the temporary attachment of parts, tap welding of thin plates, to multi-layer welding of thick plates.

[Combined Processing System]
For example, when a customer asks us to mechanize deburring, we propose incorporating the process and its pre-and post-processes into a deburring robot system, a combined processing system. Our accumulated technology over the years has enabled us to consolidate multiple processes into a single system, realizing significant cost reduction.
[Merits of Equipment Installation]
The space for the equipment can be saved.
Fewer dedicated pallets, containers, and dollies are needed.
Production costs can be reduced significantly.
You can do centralized control with the control panel.
It improves production efficiency.
It enables unattended operations to some degree.
Risks of indentations and scratches from conveying from process to process are eliminated, resulting in stable quality.

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