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We are pipe welding experts

Our company is a plumbing contactor mainly engaged in the installation of specialized sanitary piping for pharmaceutical plants.


Sales Pitch

Our company's advantages over our competitors
Providing high-quality products in half the lead time of other companies
Pharmaceutical companies are regulated for their manufacturing environment based on the GMP guidelines.*3 Therefore, we must show various types of inspection results when we deliver to a pharmaceutical company to prove that the products conform to their strict standards. Specifically, these include material acceptance inspections, test piece inspections, welding inspections, endoscopic inspections, branch pipe length inspections, electropolishing inspections, passivation inspections, airtightness inspections, and so on. These inspections take a considerable amount of time. This is why it takes three months on average for our competitors in this industry to manufacture and install pipes. 
On the other hand, our company has streamlined the steps other than inspections. For example, one of our staff is stationed at the construction site and sends the results of measurements with photos to share with our manufacturing division as needed, so that manufacturing and measurements can advance at the same time. This method shortens the process compared to a case where we start manufacturing after taking the measurements on-site. In addition, on-site assembly is reduced as much as possible, and the time required for on-site work is shortened by assembling products in-house before transporting them to the site. As a result of this, we can reduce the total construction period (delivery date) to about a month and half, which is half the time taken by other companies in this industry, and have realized a clear differentiation from other companies in terms of delivery time.
Advanced welding technology
Our company has secured advanced welding technology that cannot be imitated by other companies in this industry. Our welding machines themselves are equivalent to those used by other companies in this industry, but we have established our unique technology that enables us to weld curved pipes and short-necked pipes. 
For example, in the case of low-neck welding, which is a representative construction type of our company, we have developed our own welding tools and conducted our own research on the adjustment of the welding rod angle, voltage, and so on to realize high-quality welding. In many cases this welding technology has led to the start of new business. In addition, since our main customers are pharmaceutical companies, we are conscious of the environment at pharmaceutical companies and keep our internal manufacturing environment thoroughly organized and tidy. When we start doing business with a company, we always hold a factory tour, and these tours lead to trust, resulting in 100% business. This is another factor that differentiates us from other companies.

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