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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:45


Secret hearth with high heat: Electric grillers with less smoke

We are a manufacturer specializing in electric grillers. We offer as many as approx. 80 types of grillers ranging from compact ones to large-sized automatic ovens. We are able to produce customized electric grillers. We are also able to produce overseas models conforming to the voltage specified in the foreign country.   

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Table-top double hearth type
Similar to the floor-mounted type, the table-top double hearth type has multiple functions and is an easy-to-use griller. We offer a variety of models with various depths of hearths ranging from 200 to 350 mm. Therefore, restaurants ranging from small- to large-sized ones can select the optimum griller that fits in their installation space. The plates at both sides are made of stainless steel and have excellent durability. Since this type of griller maintains cleanliness in the restaurant, it is best suited to restaurants in which food is cooked in front of the customers.
Floor-mounted double hearth type
Depending on how it is used, the double hearth type can be the model suitable for a variety of restaurants including Japanese food ones, western food ones, bento (lunch box) makers, and caterers. The reason is that the griller can swiftly cook different types of dishes such as tea-ceremony dishes and course meals. Place food on the baking racks, and then utilize the upper and lower hearths. This saves time and energy! Thus, the double hearth type is the most effective griller.
Koredemoka (the most powerful)
Debut of a new model the cooking temperature of which exceeds 1000ºC!
HIGOGRILLER Co., Ltd. does not skimp on effort. The best oven hotter than charcoal fire! The overwhelmingly strong heat can grill the food so that it will be fluffier and juicier. If you are not satisfied with the food grilled by a conventional oven, please try the Koredemoka.

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