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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:59:14


Our goal is to "excel in plastics processing technology".

To achieve the aforementioned goal, we focus our efforts on providing "large products having complex shapes" (high-value-added products) that other competitors find difficult to produce, by utilizing 3D technology and 5-spindle machining technology. We bring added value to this by ensuring a stable supply of a wide variety of high-quality products in small batches to serve our customers better.

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Sales Pitch

[Major fields which we are engaged in]: Health, robots, food, industrial equipment, optical equipment, and other related fields
We offer various types of plastics, including commodity plastics, engineering plastics, super-engineering plastics, thermosetting plastics, and other special materials.
Commodity plastics (thermoplastic resin)
PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), ABS, PMMA (acryl), PET, etc.

Engineering plastics (thermoplastic resin)
PA6 (polyamide 6), MC nylon (monomer cast nylon), PA66 (polyamide 66), POM (polyacetal), PC (polycarbonate), PBT, U-PE (high-molecular-weight polyethylene), etc.

Super-engineering plastics (thermoplastic resin)
PPS, PAI, PEEK, PTFE (Teflon), etc.

Thermosetting resin
PF (phenol resin), EP (epoxy resin)

Other special materials
UNILATE®, ROA (PC-ABS alloy), KYDEX (acrylic-modified high-impact vinyl chloride), etc.

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