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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:59:15


We can assist your company in solving various problems related to production, comminution, and IT.

We engage in commissioned manufacturing of precision equipment and other devices. The manufacturing processes include assembly, quality inspection, repair, and analysis. We also carry out comminution on commission basis. The comminution work includes the comminution of resin, high functional materials, raw materials of foods, and so on. Cross-trained workers across our three Departments allow for the establishment of a system in which our man-hours can be extended to up to 6,000 h/month. We can flexibly respond to requests for a short delivery deadline, large-lot production, and changes in monthly man-hours.

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Sales Pitch

Description of business
Commissioned Manufacturing Department
We assemble precision equipment, home appliances, industrial machines, and so on. 
[Reasons for choosing us]
We can stably deliver high-quality products regardless of delivery deadlines and lot sizes.
Please entrust us with assembly in a short period, assembly of multiple products in small lots, and assembly of projects which are difficult to plan.
We solve clients' problems by utilizing the technologies and experience cultivated over the span of more than 40 years since our foundation as well as the multi-skilled workers across our departments.
Sales staff who have worked at the production site accurately and swiftly respond to clients.
Sales staff who know the production site very well accurately listen to clients' requirements. The staff swiftly take necessary measures for processes including process planning, estimate submission, product assembly, and product delivery.    
We can assemble various items ranging from small substrates to large equipment or industry machines.
We have a large property, about 9,900 m2). The property is equipped with multiple working spaces and a platform with a wide clearance. By utilizing these facilities, we can meet various requirements. Please consult us about assembly in a clean room and adjustment of illuminance, temperature, as well as humidity. We carry out not only assembly, but also the storage and shipment of products.
Commissioned Grinding Department
By mainly using a jet mill crusher, we can carry out a variety of comminution processes ranging from ultra-fine grinding to coarse grinding. We use different crushers and plants, owned by us, depending on materials that will be ground. We have improved or updated our equipment to further finely adjust granularity.
Such adjustment can be achieved only with a wide range of comminution technologies and the know-how that we have accumulated. Our plants can be taken apart and carefully cleaned. Therefore, we can swiftly respond to requests for comminution in a short period.
Commission-Based IT Department
Computerizing paper documents
From counting of questionnaires to report document creation
From writing e-mail magazines to measurement of their effect
From setting up terminals such as iPad to shipping them
From packaging direct mails and various goods to shipping them
Website operation and analysis report creation 
Message from the CEO (future activities for opening up a new market, how to utilize J-GoodTech, and so on)
The tasks that we undertake are diversified and related to a wide range of fields. Because the tasks are performed by a select few who have a wide range of knowledge and rich experience, high-quality output can be achieved at an appropriate cost. To achieve this, we regularly and actively "cross-train" our employees. We trust the abilities of each employee and have the employees actively engage in various tasks. Day by day, we are devoting ourselves to studies in order to make proposals that can satisfy our clients in terms of costs, even in cases for assembling multiple products in small lots.