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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:08


We manufacture processing machines using rolls

We design and manufacture various types of rolls, super calenders, embossed products, roll presses, laminators, coating machines, and testing machines. We can confirm machine specifications in our prototype test rooms.

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Machinery and devices
Calendering and embossing devices
We manufacture various types of calendaring and embossing machines. 
Calendering machines are used to glaze paper, cloth, and so on, to enhance smoothness and density, and to make thickness even. Embossing machines add value to paper, film, metal foil, steel plates, or other base materials by adding irregularities to give them design and functionality. 

Super calendering
Applications: Art paper, coated paper, glassine paper, etc. 

Soft calendering
Applications: Coated paper etc. 

Embossing machine 
Applications: Art paper, coated paper, special paper, etc.
Laminator devices
A laminator (laminating device) inserts base materials between rollers to continuously join two or more base materials and produce a product. They are used in a variety of fields, and high-temperature lamination up to 400°C as well as embossing treatment (grooves and ridges) are possible depending on the application. 

High-temperature laminator for flexible printed circuit boards 
Applications: Lamination of polyamide film and copper foil
Roll press devices
Roll press devices insert base materials between rolls to compress and roll them. 
Roll press machines are used for various types of purposes including printed circuit boards and so on in addition to base materials for battery electrodes. Our rolling can accommodate a variety of specifications such as heated types and ultra-high-pressure types. 

Electrode press device (720kN type) 
Applications: Secondary battery electrodes
Elastic rolls
Elastic rolls are used for embossing to create uneven patterns and for calendaring that enhances smoothness and glossiness. In addition, elastic rolls made of aramid fiber, which is heat-proof and pressure-proof, are used for various special applications. 

Aramid roll 
Aramid rolls use Nomex® paper, which is made of 100% aramid fiber. 
Aramid fiber has excellent heat resistance, so it is used in a wide range of fields as a backup roll for high-temperature calendaring.
Gravure cup rolls
Gravure rolls (cup rolls) are used for gravure coating, lamination coating, flexography/gravure printing, and so on. You can choose a variety of patterns (shapes and depths), meshes (number of lines), and materials depending on the coating agent, coating amount, base materials, and speed. We also accept orders for solvent-free washing of rolls. 

Meal engraving
This is a method in which a small roll called a meal is pushed into the main roll to print images. 

Etching engraving
This is a method in which the roll surface is masked and desired patterns are corroded for the printing. 

Laser engraving (ceramic gravure roll) 
This is a method in which ceramics are melted and sprayed on the roll surface for direct engraving with a laser.
Emboss rolls
Embossing rolls add value to paper, film, metal foil (plates), non-woven fabric, cloth, and so on by adding unevenness to give them design and functional performance (strength, flexibility, air permeability, contact areas, polarization). You can choose various types of patterns including fine images and steel-match embossing.