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Plarad Co., Ltd., is the oldest hydraulic torque wrench company in the world. As a pioneer of hydraulic wrenches, we have a lineup that ranges from 50 Nm up to 150,000 Nm, which is one of the highest torques in the world, and we manufacture high-precision torque control tools for tightening large bolts.  We both sell and rent torque control tools and axial force control tools.

We won a German Top 100 Innovator Award. 
The design and manufacture of all types of hydraulic torque wrench was started by Plarad Co., Ltd., in 1962. With numerous examples of patented technology and research and development, we manufacture high quality hydraulic torque wrenches, electric torque wrenches, air torque wrenches and bolt tensioners that are used in industries around the world. 

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174 models of hydraulic torque wrench and bolt tensioners
Large bolt tightening tools: Extensive lineup of M20-M130 class
With numerous patents for technology, and research and development, we manufacture high quality hydraulic torque wrenches, electric torque wrenches, air torque wrenches and bolt tensioners, and manufacture and sell a diverse range of large bolt fastening tools. We offer proposals for ways to improve your work. We are a specialized manufacturer of large bolt fastening tools that offers every type of tools including hydraulic, electric, air, and manual-type tools, which makes us unique in the world.
50Nm - Among the largest torques in the world: Our tool selection includes those up to 150,000Nm, and Plarad Co., Ltd., is used as a supplier of large bolt fastening tools in industrial fields around the world.
Why Plarad Co., Ltd. is selected
[Highly accurate correction and service system]
We own four large torque testing machines that can measure torques of up to 50000Nm.  Plarad Co., Ltd., is the only company in the industry that offers manufacturing, sales and correction services for large torque testers, in addition to torque correction.  PL5000TE Torque Tester: Torque measurement range = 50Nm – 50,000Nm (Accuracy ±1%F.S.) We offer a wide-ranging lineup of large torque testing machines.
As we own a full selection of torque testing machines in-house, we can conduct torque correction and issue reliable, accurate, and up-to-date torque conversion tables with traceability on the same day an order is received.

[The reliability of a specialist maker]
As Plarad Co., Ltd., conducts an integrated business that includes manufacturing, sales, rental, repair, correction and inspection, we can instantly accommodate technical consultations on large bolt fastening or the examination of CAD drawings.  Even when defects occur, we have a wide selection of replacement equipment for rental, ensuring further reliability.  The rental equipment can be shipped to anywhere in Japan on the same day. 

[Dedicated specialists]
In addition to the quality of our products, we offer a detailed service that can accommodate customers' requests, and a quick response that ensures prompt service.  Our dedicated specialists will offer reliable advice. 

[Diverse equipment models available for purchase and rental]
We offer diverse types of equipment for purchase and rental. Various models of hydraulic torque wrenches, electric torque wrenches, air torque wrenches (nut runners), electric hydraulic pumps, air hydraulic pumps, automatic hydraulic pumps, bolt tensioners, ultrasound axial force meters, co-rotation stoppers, and sockets.  We can also accommodate the production of jigs for adapters and sockets with special measurements. 
Reliable and abundant delivery record
It has been delivered to a diverse range of sites for various purposes, including wind power generation, nuclear power generation, thermal power generation, hydraulic power generation, shield tunnel construction, ironworks, maintenance of construction/heavy-duty machinery, and fastening of large bolts at major factories. Plarad Co., Ltd., is always involved in the construction and maintenance of large structures that the largest of their kinds in the world or in Japan, and we boast the best track record and reliability. 

Hydraulic torque wrenches made by Plarad Co., Ltd. have been used in the Tokyo Skytree, Abeno Harukas, the largest shield machine in the world, an 8.0 MW wind power generator that is the largest in the world, the longest high speed tunnel in the world, linear Shinkansen, Boeing 787 and JAXA's Tanegashima Space Center.



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