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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:03

CYANZ Corporation.

Nationwide PC rental service

Our PC rental to corporations makes Panasonic Let's Note PCs available for them to use.

With available terminals narrowed down to a single kind, and with the number of issues minimized, we supply our PCs. 

Our PCs are rented for telework, for replacing old desktop PCs, for switching over to online services, for responding to an increase in the number of personnel (sales, clerical, and system development) resulting from business expansion, for loaning to business outsourcees, and for other purposes.

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Sales Pitch

Service overview
[Our business and characteristics]
As rental PCs for corporate use, we handle a single model: Panasonic Let's Note.

Notebook, Intel Core i5, memory 16 GB, 500 GB SSD, weight 1.25 kg, Microsoft Office software and security software preinstalled.

Free shipping, 5,500 yen monthly fee, and initial setup is complete. On arrival, your new PCs are ready to use.

(1) High-specification PCs can be rented for 5,500 yen.
(2) Rental fees over a four-year span cost up to 95,000 yen less than the purchase of a new one. 
(3) They can be returned by the month to meet increases in the number of personnel hired.
(4) Characteristics of Panasonic Let's Note: Lightweight and robust.
(5) Reliable antivirus software. Equipped with Windows Defender.
(6) Built-in cameras in our PCs meet your videoconferencing needs.
(7) Equipped with HDMI, our PCs are compatible with projectors and sub monitors.
(8) When returned, our PCs will be reset to their factory-configured settings, thereby obviating the need for initialization.
[Overview and typical applications of main products, technologies, products, and services]
Typical uses
Current users of our rental service use them mainly for telework, for replacing desktop PCs, for switching over to online service, for increases in personnel (sales, clerical, and system development) in response to business expansion, and for loaning to business outsourcees.

Addressing issues
Specifications required of PCs include elimination of sound and video interruptions in videoconferencing, elimination of instances of freezing stemming from booting multiple software apps or browsers, and long battery life. As PCs that meet such specifications, we have therefore narrowed down the terminals we offer for rent to a single model and minimized issues in supplying PCs. 

[Message from the CEO and President (how he intends to explore sales channels in the future, how he will use J-GoodTech, etc.)]
With the rise of telework and work from home due to COVID-19, our workstyles have been changing greatly. With that, in response to the emergence of some opportunities, we are promoting the provision of rental PCs. 

Not only for the rental of a single kind of equipment, but also to fulfill our objective of improving our working environment, we have been collaborating with diverse businesses.

With the rental of PCs as the turning point, we are tackling development projects on a contract basis jointly with System Development Inc., developing educational programs with schools, and developing sales techniques with manufacturers.

To discuss where we can find such opportunities, together with other issues, we are hoping to talk with you on a wide range of possibilities for collaboration.