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Latest update: 23/05/2023 14:02:12

Axle Techno Research

Creating and cultivating core technology for machines

We design various conveying equipment, image inspection equipment, and solvent coating equipment that are introduced to automotive parts manufacturing lines. Our newly developed linear drive "Ball Pinion" is used as a drive for orthogonal coordinate robots, laser processing machines, and various inspection devices. We are promoting the development of applications for this technology.

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Technology overview
Ball Pinion
We have developed a linear drive device using our original technology. The product we have developed is a new mechanism unique to our company that converts rotary motion into linear motion by rolling balls on the grooves of the trochoidal curved trajectory carved into a guide rail. We have named this product "Ball Pinion". By popularizing "Ball Pinion", we hope to contribute to the improvement of productivity at all production sites in Japan.
This super high-rigidity actuator is resistant to radial loads and employs a slide mechanism with a built-in roller guide.
This highly efficient actuator employs the Ball Pinion's unique trochoidal curve trajectory.
This actuator with a high degree of freedom can be used to build multi-axis orthogonal robots with 1 to 6 or even more axes by combining various brackets.
This compact actuator uses a dedicated hollow servo motor.
Example applications
Bottling machine: A Ball Pinion is used for the lifting shaft of the filling tank.
Capping machine: A Ball Pinion is used for the lifting shaft of the capping punch
Cartoning machine: A Ball Pinion is used for the bottle pitch variable axis, lifting axis, and slide axis.






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