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Latest update: 24/07/2023 16:24:51

Oshida Industries Co., Ltd.

We are proud of our advanced sheet metal technology, and curve and radius processing is our specialty

Making use of the excellent material stainless steel, we will contribute to the development of the construction industry through manufacturing and installing construction materials such as manufacturing hardware for construction use, interior and exterior decorative panels, staircase handrails, metal signboards, and metal products for construction.

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Overview of products and services, examples of construction
Public facilities, buildings and condominiums
Many metal materials are also used in public facilities, and buildings and condominiums. Another characteristic of our construction is the pursuit of expressions appropriate to the new sense of the times. We make use of our advanced processing technology in our work, which is rich in design.                                  Our specialty (curve and radius processing)
Curve and radius processing is considered to be extremely difficult in metalworking fabrication. This is one of our specialties at which we excel through our integrated production system, from design to manufacturing. We respond flexibly and accurately to the high demands of construction designers.                                                                Construction examples and construction list
Narita International Airport, large ceramic tile frame
Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Museum
Omiya Station East Exit monument
“Toto-chan, the little squirrel”
Daito Bunka University Higashi Matsuyama Campus
Saitama City Municipal Secondary School
Chifure Cosmetics, Hanno New Factory
Oryuyama Project
Saitama City newly constructed Misono District Elementary School
Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
Hitachi Metals, Ltd., Ibaraki Factory
Asaka Police Station Building
Seijuen Intensive Care Home for the Elderly
Fukaya City new city hall
Mimuro Miyabi no Sato Intensive Care Home for the Elderly
The Saitamaken Shinkin Bank, Konosu Branch
Mito Municipal Sports Park Municipal Baseball Stadium
Oshima Project
Shirokane 1-chome East North Category 1 Urban Area
Shiki Station East Exit station area project
York-Benimaru Toride Store
Aoba Joguen Intensive Care Home for the Elderly
Villa Hanahata Facility Providing Long-Term Care to the Elderly
Yokohama special high-voltage power distribution station
Ushiku Municipal Hitachinoushiku Junior High School
Mitsuhashi 5-chome Memorial Hall
Nakacho Plan, Urawa Ward, Saitama City
Kanto Isuzu Motors Limited, Urawa Branch
Musashino Forest Sports Plaza
Higashiomiya 5-chome Plan
Hidaka Elementary School building
Medicos Corporation, Kanto
KS Project
K-NES Saitama Branch
United States Embassy
Stella Saitama Daimon Nursery School
Hotel WBF Tokyo Asakusa, etc.
Original products
Cubie Six versatile door opening/closing jigs for maintenance and inspection of electrical equipment (cubicles) and related electrical work.

Japanese Design Registration No. 1358844 (single-ended wrenches and double-ended wrenches)

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