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Please trust us with your embedded software development.

We have a wealth of expertise and ideas in the development of optimal firmware in a short period of time that constitutes the most of our knowledge in electronic circuit hardware, and we have numerous development methods that we have cultivated over many years in high-quality product development that competing companies cannot match.

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Medical bedside monitor (ECG monitor)
i-TRON version platform Software development for Linux version new model updates 
We support migration from the current model single-core CPU-driven i-TRON platform, with its performance limitations and difficulty in adding new functions and providing maintenance services, to a new model multicore CPU-driven Linux platform.
Reduction of introductory costs for medical institutions (cost-reduced low-priced version)
Owing to the increase in inpatients due to COVID-19, the introduction of the current model (high-end model) has temporarily increased; however, considering the transience, many medical institutions hesitate to increase the number, making it possible to appeal to cost reduction with excellent cost performance and having a low-priced version.
Utilizing open-source Linux (improved maintainability)
For hardware and control software, we stuck with the original for many years, however, we determined that the platform life was limited by its poor maintainability, and therefore took advantage of the recent boom in open source to significantly reduce the development workload.

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