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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:53

AS Co., Ltd.

The creation of environments without vibration and noise - Advanced System Co., Ltd., products improve society, culture and lives through vibration and noise control -

Advanced System Co., Ltd., is a leading vibration-proofing, vibration removal, base isolation, and soundproofing company. 
With our technological expertise and the accomplishments in development that we have achieved over the years, 
we constantly improve the functionality and precision of our products and have gained overwhelming market share. 
Making production environments more comfortable, and making living environments safer.
We contribute to the creation of two types of environments through our total engineering. 
Advanced System Co., Ltd., has no doubt about the path we are taking.

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Sales Pitch

"Askuron Shooter" Air transport device
"Asukuron Shooter" is a device that works in conjunction with the press and automatically air-conveys the scrap generated when punching with the press to a specified location.
We employ the pressure feed method, which is suitable for long distance and large quantity transportation, unlike the suction method.
Moreover, extension of the piping allows free design.

Reduces the amount of manual scrap collection, and enables the reduction of man-hours involved in collection.
The pressure feed method enables long distance transportation (100–200 m)
It prevents scraps from flying around the press and will improve cleanliness.
A piping route that utilizes dead spaces will not block your work space.
Equipped with an interlock circuit. It also has safety measures for abnormal stops and emergency stops caused, for instance, by blocked hoppers or full collection containers.


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