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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:59

Yasukawa Inc.

We develop new materials and new machining systems

We are developing our business with our core products of photocatalytic coatings, glass-cotton mixed purging materials, punching dies for acrylic resins and new materials, large sputtering equipment that no other company has, atmospheric bend lamination systems, and dream glass coating material with silica as the main ingredient.

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Sales Pitch

The world first! Ecomaru purging agent mixed with glass wool
The secret of cleaning power is glass wool
Glass wool has an overwhelming specific surface area due to its short fiber length, thin fiber diameter, and soft fiber, and also has countless glass fiber corners, which produce a high cleaning effect by physically scraping off unnecessary substances.

1. Removes black spots of carbides, greatly reducing defect rates. 
2. The cotton-like fiber of glass wool (GW) is thin, short, and soft, and the cotton-line surface area is large, so it is gentle on screw wear and exercises its excellent effects to every corner. 
3. It is an economical purging agent that reduces washing time, material consumption, the number of preliminary applications, the amount of industrial waste, etc. 
4. It is designed to suppress smoke and odors, and contributes to an improved work environment. 
5. The design is environmentally friendly, with 60% recycled glass wool (GW) mixed in, and this glass wool is further used as a material in this up-cycled product. We also offer this at a lower price in comparison with other companies' products containing GF.
3DMagic low-shrinkage filament
A world first! We succeeded in producing filaments from polypropylene (PP)! 

1. Stable formability 
Strengthening and dimensional stability can be secured even for thin-structure products of 1 mm thickness. 
2. Coloring and surface treatment 
You can use water colors, plating, and so on for surface treatment. 
3. Flexibility and rigidity
It does not leak even when filled with water, and will not break even if it is handled somewhat roughly.
Partitioning of ceramic, aluminum, and rigid mounting substrates
We propose punching processing to divide ceramic substrates with the ES die developed by our company.
We devised the upper and lower blade dies using our original techniques. They have been adopted by manufacturers in Japan and abroad because they can punch out products without causing any stress.
With ultra-fine processing, it is able to punch out channels of several hundred microns.