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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:59

ALLOY Co.,Ltd.

Alloys for structural stainless steel 

[Business contents and features]

Our company was launched as a wholesaler of raw materials, and we now have one of the largest factories in Japan specializing in manufacturing stainless steel structures.

[Overview and examples of main manufactured goods, technologies, products, and services]

Sales of steelmaking raw materials (Mn, Mo, W, etc.), ceramics-related products, rolling rolls and other equipment, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium.

Wholesaling of plates, steel sections, steel bars, deformed rebars, castings, forgings and welded steel sections, various other materials, raw materials, and machinery.

Various types of cutting methods are available to meet the needs of various applications, including optimal cutting shearing, plasma, laser, saw, waterjet cutting (fusion, shearing, cutting, etc.)

Bending, machining, beveling, surface finishing

[Business results and development results with major companies]

We have extensive experience in working for The Japan Steel Works, Ltd., NEC Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd., and many others.

[Message from the CEO (efforts to develop sales channels in the future, how we will use J-GoodTech, etc.)]

Today, Japan is facing globalization, a declining birthrate and an aging population, and other issues, with SMEs caught up in a great deal of turmoil. To go forward, more and more collaboration among companies will be required. We are seeking multifaceted relationships, where all kinds of information can be input and all kinds of functions can be output, like both a circle and edge, rather than the traditional linear collaboration.

We will continue to make use of the wisdom, technology, and networks we have cultivated over more than half a century of business activities to pursue quality and service that will give you the utmost satisfaction, and make you glad you selected our company.

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Sales Pitch

Stainless steel cutting, stainless steel welded shapes, stainless steel structural materials
Stainless steel cutting
Stainless steel is a more stubborn metal than carbon steel, and in shearing cutting, special equipment needs to be considered.

In addition, gas cutting, which is the mainstream method of cutting carbon steel, cannot cut stainless steel, so plasma cutting is commonly used. Recently, laser cutting is coming to be more widely used due to the improved capabilities of laser cutting machines.

Fiber lasers are increasingly being used in laser cutting, but carbon dioxide lasers are still the mainstream for medium and thick stainless steel plates.

Also, waterjet cutting can be used on any material, with high accuracy and improved material yield.

We have all these kinds of cutting machines and can propose an optimal cutting method for your purpose.
Welded stainless steel sections
We are a manufacturer of welded stainless steel sections.

We can manufacture any size you need from a single piece, which allows us to reduce costs.

We always have a stock of welded H-beams in standard sizes, so please contact us for orders with short lead times. 

In addition to welded H-beams, we can also manufacture C-beams, L-beams, and T-beams.
Welded stainless steel structures
As you can see from our product introduction, stainless steel is also used as a structural material in many different places. We also manufacture structures and supply raw materials for the structural materials that make up stainless steel structures (H-beams, C-beams, L-beams, steel plates, steel pipes, bolts, etc.).

Recently, life cycle cost (LCC) is being discussed more than ever. This is due to the fact that maintenance and management costs have become enormous due to the aging of social infrastructure. In this regard, the use of stainless steel can be expected to reduce LCC, which will presumably result in the use of stainless steel becoming even more widespread in the future.


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