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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:08:45

TIC Corporation Limited

We quickly provide cutting-edge industrial products from both Japan and abroad.

The motto of TIC Corporation Limited is to provide products that will contribute to solutions for various problems that companies are facing, such as productivity improvement, cost effectiveness, and quality, as well as measures for environmental conservation. To this end, we have been collecting product information from around the world and offer products that can satisfy the needs of the market. 
We will continue to strive to develop and provide products that contribute to optimization and environmental protection, which has become increasingly strict in recent years. 

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We provide all types of energy-saving parts and equipment from spraying liquids to draining, dehydration, and blowing off.
Lechler GmbH precision spray nozzles and accessories
The German company Lechler GmbH has more than 140 years of experience, and develops/manufactures precision hydraulic/pneumatic/air nozzles that support the processes of a diverse range of industries. With its specialized skills passed down through generations and deep understanding of its customers’ production processes, it develops innovative sprays and continues to be the industry leader in Europe.
Needless to say, the technology of Lechler GmbH is constantly evolving, and its facilities are becoming more productive and efficient. Its industrial spray nozzles satisfy high standards in quality, ergonomics, hygiene and safety. And the range of its cleaning nozzles are among the longest in its field.
Moreover, as it offers many innovative nozzles, such as MEMOSPRAY®, EASY-CLIP®, VISCOMIST® and VARIOSPRAY® that are patented as spray systems, the nozzles of Lechler GmbH can solve your production process problems.
Sonic blowers and air knife systems (drainers and dehydration devices)
[Centrifugal Blower]
The blower, made by Sonic Corporation, generates a large volume of air flow using less energy than compressors and existing blowers due to its unique technology. 
The large volume of air flow it generates does not pulsate and can be supplied continuously. 

[High-speed XE Air Knife]
This high-speed XE air knife, which improves upon the existing teardrop shape, helps to achieve high work efficiency. 
Efficient laminar flow of air means that it blows uniformly over the entire slot with less pressure loss. 
We offer a rich selection of options for attachments for the air knife pipes, changes in the air supply position, and the positron, direction and length of the air knife. 
While our standard products are made from aluminum, we also offer those made from SUS. 
While the standard model has three openings for air supply, we also offer types with two openings and those with one opening. 

[Peripheral Equipment]
We also offer a selection of hoses for piping, fixing jigs, clamps, and Y barters. 
Sonia ultrasonic spray nozzle
The ultrasound atomizer made by Sonaer Inc. is a device for fine spraying that uses a domestic 100V power source. 
It does not use compressed air for atomization, so there is hardly any splashing or bouncing of the particles.
Thus, it can minimize the waste of spray liquid without worsening the environment. 
It is an environmentally friendly fine spray nozzle that will contribute to the reduction of energy costs.

It sprays fine particles through the vibration of a piezoelectric element.
It is easy to operate.


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レヒラー社製タンク洗浄ノズル (leaflet) (rev.0).pdf

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