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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:49

mITAKA metalworking industry, Inc.

Integrated manufacturing of precision parts.

NC. General purpose lathes. Milling machines. Machining.
Plane polishing. Cylindrical polishing. Inter polishing. Center polishing.
Large vertical polisher. 3D measuring machine.
With these facilities we own, we are capable of manufacturing precision parts in-house. 
As we can produce main axes, spindles and other precision parts 
in-house, and we can flexibly accommodate various requirements
for deadline and cost. 


Sales Pitch

We have grinding equipment that can control tolerances of up to approximately 0.002. We can also handle short delivery times.
We mainly manufacture parts for precision machine tool parts.
We mainly manufacture components that are essential for machine tools,
such as the spindles, flanges, cylinders, and other parts that form the core of the machine.
We can manufacture drawing products consistently
As our company owns a full set of facilities, 
including lathes, machining centers, polishers and 3D measuring devices, 
we are capable of processing products with quick delivery. 
Even if the product requires processing using facilities we do not own, 
we can manufacture it using our wide network of cooperating companies,
which means we can eliminate your problems in outsourcing 
processing to other companies. 
Company. Positive attitude toward improving the technical capabilities of all employees
In addition to providing services our customers can rely on 
that are with high quality, accommodating, cost effective and delivered on time, 
our company is always working hard 
to improve quality, service and productivity, 
to reduce cost and offer faster delivery. 
How can we shorten the processing time, 
reduce loss, and what type of processing would improve quality? 
We discuss these questions between all of our staff to progress as a company.
In addition to the above, 
we have introduced 3D/CAD and 3D printers, 
and all of our staff have studied drawing using 3D/CAD 
to produce products with a 3D printer. 
Through such measures, our staff learn the joy of creation and obtain new knowledge, 
so that we can offer production processes in which each member of our staff is manufacturing expert, 
and contribute to society through this attitude. 

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