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Shinei Gomu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Shinei Rubber Co., Ltd., a company that “gives shape to abundance”

For 70 years since its foundation in 1947, Shinei Rubber Co., Ltd., has been engaged in the manufacture and supply of rubber products, and has established an integrated in-house system that includes “mixing”, “molding”, “inspection”, and “packaging.”

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Sales Pitch

"Supply BANK" service specializing in replenishment rubber products
Do you have any problems like this?
We want to review our supply chain, as transactions with overseas suppliers involves the risk of operations and imports being suspended
As there is a risk of companies to which we consign manufacturing closing their businesses, we are looking for manufacturers that can provide us with supplies
We want to manage dies and molds according to our “manuals for optimizing die and mold management” ...
We solve these and other issues concerning supply chains by undertaking the whole process from the appropriate management of dies and molds to production of small-lot rubber parts supplies.
Japan's first service specializing in rubber product supplies
It is time to review supply chains with overseas suppliers, the business model of which has been considered a norm, as the COVID-19 infection has made imports difficult and led to the suspension of production operations that are outsourced to overseas suppliers.
“Supplier BANK” is a new service specialized in the supply of rubber products, which is aimed at solving issues with the quality and supply of materials to reduce such risks, the first such service to operate in Japan.
Reduce risks in the supply chain
Merit 1
Avoidance of the risks that stem from outsourcing manufacturing overseas
(1) Risk of operations being suspended at production factories
(2) Risk that logistics functions are disrupted due to geopolitical risks, such as severed logistics and suspended economic activities, natural disasters, and port labor union strikes.
(3) Risk that just-in-time purchases (imports) are disrupted

Merit 2
Avoidance of business continuity risks, such as business closure
In our opinion, the risk of business closure owing to a lack of willing successors and the risk of bankruptcy caused by a slumping economy and the like can be avoided.

Merits 3
Quality improvement can be achieved if companies specializing in rubber product supply and small-lot supply undertake the manufacturing
Rubber supplies are not always produced. Careful attention may not be paid to the management of molds unless production is maintained, in which case the quality inevitably deteriorates.

Merit 4
Manufacturing cycle of new mass production products becomes efficient
If the maintenance of molds for rubber product supplies is included, existing suppliers need to spare time for storage space and supply item production (including arrangement processes).

Merit 5
Appropriate mold management can be implemented by following the “mold management optimization manual”
A manual for Japanese manufacturers to further improve product quality and cooperate continuously for better monozukuri craftsmanship.

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