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Toko Tekko Co., Ltd.

-Monozukuri craftsmanship that satisfies our customers’ requirements for technical ability, creativity and indomitable spirit— 

We engage in a wide range of business from “TOKO Dome and emergency shelters, drones, tire testing machines,” “press dies for soft materials,” “machine parts processing,” “various production line equipment and transport equipment assembly and test runs,” “production and installation of architectural steel frames,” “and production and installation of civil engineering products” to “plant equipment.”
We provide our customers with valuable products and technical services that are based on the high levels of specialty and technical skills of the respective businesses together with the synergies brought about by interbusiness collaboration.

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Large deck plate cold bending technology
[Dome Division]
<A unique product group made using cold bending of large deck plates>

1. TOKO Dome
Our semidome buildings maintain their material hardness using cold bending processes and an arch structure that generates compression, offering excellent durability. It has no pillars, meaning more space is available, and because of this, it can be used as a temporary manufacturing space, regardless of location or conditions. We respond to requests such as “we want to set up within a short period but want to avoid tents and prefabricated houses for their maintenance costs and owing to concerns over their maintenance costs and durability,” “we need temporary space but also need durability,” “we will relocate sometime,” and “we want to reduce costs for dismantling and removal.”

2. TOKO Dome emergency shelter
This is a shelter made from the cinder of active volcanos that meets the “proof stress for steel shelters” specification in the “guidance for the enhancement of shelters on active volcanos” issued by the Cabinet Office. In addition to its strength and durability, TOKO Dome’s shape enables the installation to avoid sloping surfaces without ground leveling, and its flexibility enables designs that are suited to their required capacity. It can be transported by a small helicopter. It can be used with conditions that have requirements such as “costly transportation to mountainous regions,” “safety,” “limited work periods.”

3. Other 
Our achievements include snow shelter sheds that utilize both strength and shape, station buildings, and stores in which bending processes have been applied to meet design features. 

Showa South Pole Base (warehouse and storeroom)
Mt. Ontake (evacuation shelter)
Miyagi Hanabuchi Mountain snow shelter
Hankyu Railway Naruo Station building
Development of industrial drones
[UAV Division]
<Providing safe and secure drones that are made in Japan>

We engage in the development, manufacture and maintenance of drones, whose main parts, including flight controllers, are based on the “TOKO rescue drone ®TSV-RQ1” and which are certified by the Japan Agricultural Aviation Association for their high-performance spraying. We can accommodate everything to do with drones, from various types of drone training to aerial photography.

1. Multipurpose rescue drones
The aerodynamic body with its streamlined design, and high waterproofing, dustproofing and windproofing properties, ensures stable flight even in strong wind and bad weather. Combining IP55 rated waterproof and dustproof performance, the drones’ domestically leading 18m/s wind speed survival and options designed for various environments and sites can be used for disaster mitigation and prevention, in addition to rescue activities.  

2. Crop-spraying drones
With a 10-L tank on-board, it can cover up to 1.2 ha in 10 min. With a mounted “granule spraying unit” that is capable of carrying up to 9 kg as a standard feature, it achieves labor reduction in spraying. Available for fertilization, not only in fields of rice and other crops but also in fruit gardens. We promote smart farming that integrates farmers’ requests with the most advanced technologies. We can refer you to distribution agents.

3. Training
We use an abandoned elementary school as our business base. We utilize the spacious site to provide drone flight training, either on the school grounds (on sunny days) or in the gymnasium (on rainy days). As a maintenance office certified by Japan Agricultural Aviation Association, we engage in crop-spraying training, i-Construction training and TOKO rescue drone ®TSV-RQ1 training.

Japan Agricultural Co-operative (JA) in every prefecture, agricultural corporations 
Specialized trading houses 
Fire departments all over Japan                  
One-stop provision of labor-saving and automated equipment for production processes
[Industrial Machinery Division]
<We handle all high-performance industrial machineries in-house to improve productivity, from design and manufacture to trial operation>  

We provide our products to customers all over Japan, handling everything from design and manufacture to assembly and trial operation, with our in-house tire testing machines, used by major tire manufacturers, and our package and case transport equipment, part transport and assembly equipment, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing/transport equipment, production equipment for factories, such as film and resin materials and rubber products.
We have installed two 4.8-ton and 2.8-ton ceiling cranes each at our specialized assembly factory, and can handle the assembly of large and heavy equipment and high-precision machinery.  

RFT + 400 km/h drum testing machines, TBTK tire endurance testing machines 
Paper winders 
Calendar lines 
Mixing mills
Transport equipment for medical use
Screw conveyors
Residue transport cranes  
Difficult die and mold processing technology specializing in soft materials
[Precision Division]
<Various solutions, such as punching, bending, single-shot and progressive drawing, and combination>

We are adept at various types of pressing using dies and molds with soft materials, and our dies and molds in which nonadhesive treatments, such as ultrathin filming, have been applied have earned us high praise. In addition to developing, and offering proposals for, composite dies and molds for punching, bending, single-shot and progressive drawing, we also offer the manufacture of dies and molds with 3D shapes, as we have adopted 3D CAD/CAM that can handle hale processing. We also have a number of achievements with aluminum laminate sheet drawing molds and rubber stopper punching molds for medical use.

1. Molding technology for processing film/adhesive sheet material
Pierce and half-cut type
 Work efficiency is improved with one-shot half-cutting of complex external shapes
 and small-diameter punching
Nonadhesive treatment
 Productivity is improved due to reduced maintenance frequency, 
 which is achieved with a special nonadhesive treatment and special shape processing
Film material progressive type
 Reducing processing processes by assigning half-cut, bending and drawing processes 
 during the molding stage

2. Molding technology for film drawing
 We also accommodate the development of special shape molds, such as fan- and curve-shaped molds, 
 by applying rectangular drawing and other types. We also have achievements in single-shot and progressive drawing dies and molds.
LIB exterior drawing type
Aluminum laminate curve-shaped drawing type
PET film embossed drawing type

3. Molding technology for punching medical products
 Many achievements in medical fields that require high precision and have demanding quality requirements. 5-μ or less clearance for butyl rubber, 
 3-μ or less clearance for isoprene rubber
Punching molds for rubber stoppers for medical use and rubber stopper parts
Punching molds for percutaneous absorption preparations and packaging materials
Punching molds for blood glucose monitoring devices

Please consult us about any issues with dies and molds for soft materials. We will respond to requests for sample manufacturing.



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