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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:57

Koryo Co.,Ltd.

Sublimation transfer printing factory whose production volume and technology are top class in Japan

For sublimation transfer printing, transfer paper is put on cloth, and then hot pressing is performed to print the pattern on the cloth. Unlike other printing methods, sublimation transfer printing requires no water during the working process. Therefore, it is a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and extremely excellent dyeing technology.


Sales Pitch

Entering into all kinds of fiber fields, with Western and Japanese apparel as the core
Sublimation transfer printing factory whose production volume and technology are top class in Japan
Our factory is the only processing plant that has three large-sized transcribers dedicated to sublimation transfer printing. Furthermore, it is one of Japan's largest processing plants that performs high-quality and large-volume printing thanks to its skilled engineers. Its production volume exceeds 10,000 m per day. We meet clients' requirements in terms of not only quality, but also short delivery deadlines and small-lot production. In addition, we independently developed a double-sided simultaneous vacuum transcriber (flat type) that can process, for example, shaggy cloth on which transfer printing cannot be easily performed, without spoiling the texture of the cloth. Accordingly, we are able to meet high expectations from clients, such as designer brands, and are committed to technology development each day.
Patterns can be selected from a variety of types, and we are able to print customized patterns.
As for the transfer paper used, we work timely with our partner manufacturer which is located in Europe, the home of transfer printing, and from which we import it. Accordingly, we are able to swiftly respond to requirements ranging from small lot production, such as producing a suit of clothes, to bulk production. 
Furthermore, since our company is equipped with an inkjet printer, we are able to create and output customized patterns that meet clients' requirements. In such cases, we are able to create patterns that are based on not only data, but also hand-drawn pictures or designs or patterns on clothing. Please feel free to contact us.
Fiber does not necessarily mean clothing.
The products that have been processed in our company are mainly apparel products, regardless of whether they are Western or Japanese clothes. However, in recent years, we have been increasingly producing clothing-related products such as sundries (shoes, bags, stockings, traditional Japanese wrapping cloths, umbrellas, masks, scarves, curtains, carpets, etc.). We are able to perform transfer printing on cloth so long as it is polyester blended fabric, and multicolored patterns can freely be configured. In addition, since our dyeing technique requires no water, it is, in terms of the SDGs, again receiving attention and evaluated as an eco-friendly printing method.

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