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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:33

Hara Press Engineering Ltd.

We are a press manufacturer that actively makes proposals and pursues cost reduction through press work

We reduce production costs by making use of technologies such as drawing, bending, silvering methods, and thickening, thinning as well as horizontal piercing of high-tensile steel (60-kg class). We have been engaging in metal work for 40 years and have a wealth of know-how in processing. This is backed by our track record of providing molds for more than 300 mass-production lines.
We perform integrated in-house processing ranging from design and production of press molds to mass-production pressing. We perform all processes of design, fabrication, and production in-house. We are competitive in costs and delivery periods.

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Introduction of our business
Processing method development business
HARA PRESS ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. develops processing methods for mass production as specified below. We assist your company in starting mass production.

1. Precision press processing of parts that used to be machine processed
2. Considering the pressing of new items
3.  Pressing and integrating existing multiple parts
4.  Shortening of production processes, and VA, VE, etc.

We use a 1600-ton hydraulic forging press machine and 200-ton servo press machine to develop processing methods.
We can produce specialized machines including multiple-axis double-action molding machines according to your request.
We have solved many problems for our customers. 
Press mold business
We make use of the technologies we have nurtured since our foundation to provide metal molds. We can produce molds for steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals. Our molds can process materials with a thickness of at least 0.1 mm.
Our molds for producing high-tensile steel sheets (SPFH590) which are combined with a sheet metal forging method are particularly highly evaluated.
We assist you in determining pressing specifications that are tailored to product specifications if your company is considering the purchase of a pressing machine.   
Mass-production pressing business
This is the business in which the technology of HARA PRESS ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. is most effectively utilized. 
Our engineers have full knowledge of molds and maintain them in optimal condition, so we can stably produce high-quality products.
We introduced a 3D coordinate measuring machine in 2007, and we started applying ISO 9001 to our business in 2008. This is how we have established a more reliable quality assurance system. We also apply ISO/TS 16949 to the production of some parts dedicated to the automobile industry on receiving instructions from our business partners. 
We currently mass-produce parts such as automobile parts and confidential parts.