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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:59:14

CDR Eco Movement Co.,Ltd.

Company which specializes in BPO and which erases data from data storage devices and commercializes as well as reuses such devices in an integrated fashion 

As a member of a recycling-oriented economic society, we are committed to reusing to expand our business. Products (assets) entrusted to (or purchased by) our company undergo processes such as inspection, data erasure, history erase, improvement (repair), as well as cleaning and then are sent to the PC market.
Depending on requirements from clients, we carry out various kitting processes.

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Description of business
IT asset management
We propose comprehensive solutions for IT assets (entire IT devices). We carry out one-stop support for processes including device procurement, setting (kitting), and collection or replacement of IT devices after a considerable period of time.
Kitting service
Service for setting up IT assets and carrying out other required processes for clients to whom the assets will be delivered. 
Responding to the client's requirements, we install an OS as well as other necessary software programs, perform various settings including a setting for network connection, and carry out other necessary processes.
BPO for restoring mobile devices and PCs
We accept orders for completely erasing data from IT assets, sorting out such assets to sell them as used devices, assisting clients in selling such assets in markets in and outside Japan, and disposing of such assets while complying with laws and regulations. We classify such IT assets into products that can be commercialized (restored) and those that cannot, so as to thoroughly contribute to reducing the operational costs of clients.  
Consulting for streamlining the workplace
We find out problems in the workplace and propose solutions for the problems as well as methods for streamlining the workplace. We do not simply provide consulting. Rather, we make improvements at the workplace by cooperating with the client and provide means for verifying the improvements. In this way, we provide practical, realistic, and flexible consulting to streamline the workplace of the client. 
Message from the CEO (future activities for opening up a new market, how to utilize J-GoodTech, and so on)
Conventionally, the patterns of owning IT assets have been uniform--simply purchasing or leasing IT devices. We propose that methods for utilizing IT assets such as subscription and rental, which meet the needs of clients, be used together with the conventional patterns to build up the best portfolio composed of new as well as used products and new old stock. In order to support the portfolio, we are considering providing BPO functions, the main axis of which is complete automation. The BPO functions are IT asset solutions (data erasure, product classification, cost merits, logistics/distribution, and services related to temporary storage of or insurance or compensation for IT assets of clients).

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