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Latest update: 21/04/2021 14:04:54


We handle polyurethane raw material and products, Reevecote and Taconic.

Please feel free to contact us about the sale of polyurethane raw materials and molded products.
We also handle industrial rubber coated fabric (Reevecote/Goldprene), and Teflon sheets coated glass sheets (Taconic).

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Introducing business items and technical information.
Main business items
Polyurethane raw materials
Polyurethane molded products
Polyurethane products and special plastics
Industrial rubber coated fabric (Reeve Coat/Gold Prene)
Teflon sheet with glass cloth (Taconic)
Rubber molded parts
Technical information (1): Polyurethane molded products
Wide variety with a hardness range of JIS A60° to D74°
Highest level of wear resistance among rubbers, resins and metals
High impact resistance and extremely strong against low temperatures and repeated bending
Highest level of mechanical strength and elasticity among elastomers
Technical information (2): Industrial rubberized cloth
A thin industrial rubber sheet of "composite material" that has the characteristics of both cloth and rubber.
Although it is a thin material, it has high tensile strength and tear strength, and heat- and oil-resistance can be added by selecting the base cloth material and rubber material.
Applications include diaphragms for pneumatic equipment, diaphragms for gas equipment, sealing materials, industrial bellows, gaskets, and packing.