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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:37


Consignment manufacturing of industrial plastic parts in medium or small lots 

We conduct plastic cutting in our facilities, as well as plastic sheet production and plastic vacuum forming and pressure forming. We have partner factories perform various forming processes and produce products for us. We make proposals that can cover from material selection to how to manufacture products with an optimal shape. Our products are widely used in industries related to various industrial machines, medical equipment, care equipment, environmental equipment, train seats, aerospace seats, and so on. We have obtained JIS Q 9100 certification, which is the quality management system required for manufacturers in the aerospace and defense industries in Japan. This allows us to provide our clients with high-quality products.     

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Introduction of our products
Aerospace and train seat parts
Aerospace seats and train armrest covers require lightness and strength. We manufacture such parts with vacuum molding. We take pride in our delivery record of R-shaped parts for safety, the quality of our curved surfaces for design, and the bonding technique we apply to parts. We also manufacture table panels, armrests, covers, trays, foot covers, interior panels, and so on.
Medical care equipment parts
We produce medical imaging phantoms used for the adjustment and maintenance of CT equipment. We also handle health care products such as display panels, equipment holders, dental equipment, water tanks, tanks, and housings.
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment and flat panel display manufacturing equipment 
We manufacture parts and jigs used for semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment, which require precision work and high accuracy. We also manufacture cleaning tanks, trays, pans, meter covers, housings, display panels, oil gauges, and so on.