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Latest update: 20/01/2023 17:56:58

ISB Marketing,Ltd.

Leave it to us for marketing in the fields of technology and BtoB! We have extensive experience in manufacturing fields including electronic equipment, machinery, the IoT, and biotechnology.

What is the problem you want to solve? 
Our company helps you solve problems by visualizing any task in marketing activities, including consultations about having trouble in sales promotion activities and requests for wanting to create something specific. 
We provide a variety of services such as producing websites, pamphlets, and case studies. We also provide PR and marketing consultation services in the manufacturing industry, service industry, and so on. We excel at support for marketing that delivers results. 
We want to see your business succeed. 
Feel free to let us know your concerns and challenges.
Let's work together on a project to realize what your company wants to do. 
(Please refer to the [Appeal] column for details about our services.)

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Sales Pitch

Our company's services and strengths
[Business description and features]
We provide marketing services to corporations. 
We provide comprehensive support to your research, planning, Web content creation, measures to attract customers, and improvement. 

A wealth of achievements in the fields of BtoB and technology 
We have a track record in a wide range of industries and business scales including small businesses, ventures, and Japan's leading large corporations. 
High business quality and speed 
We constantly work to enhance our services. 
We can provide services to overseas enterprises
We can propose optimal approaches and measures for overseas enterprises that want to enter the Japanese market and for enterprises that want to promote sales of their products.
[Overview of major products, technology, merchandise, and services, and examples of use]
Service overview
We provide five main services. 

1. Content marketing services
2. Website construction/operation 
3. PR support services 
4. Marketing advisory services 
5. Marketing research 

Examples of how our company's services are used 
Please access the following URL:
[We have a wealth of experience in doing business with both small and large enterprises]
We have a track record of providing services such as content production, Website creation, public relations support, and marketing advisory services to major companies in a wide range of industries. This includes the manufacturers listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, telecommunications companies, and companies in the service industry. 
In addition, we are an "EC use support partner" of the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN, and we provide consultations about marketing activities for SMEs.
[Track record with overseas enterprises]
We have experience in doing business with overseas enterprises that are considering entering the Japanese market. We can help you with PR in Japan, sales promotions, sales tool creation, and more, and we can do this in English. You can also consult us about business translation in consideration of differences in business practices.
[Message from the CEO]
Our mission is to contribute to the development of industry and society through our excellent marketing capabilities. We aim to keep providing high-quality marketing services that solve problems experienced by our customers, enterprises, and society, and that lead to people's happiness. We want to help enterprises in Japan, and also overseas enterprises that are thinking of entering the Japanese market.
[Message to overseas enterprises that are considering entering the Japanese market]
Our company is a marketing services enterprise headquartered in Tokyo. 
Our strength lies in our extensive experience and know-how in the fields of BtoB and technology. We have a track record of doing business with many clients from startups to listed companies. 

The key points for success in BtoB business in the Japanese market, which we have gained through our experience in supporting companies, are as follows:
Understanding the business practices of the industry or business category you are targeting 
Finding business partners you can trust 
Sending out information through Japanese versions of your websites, social media messages, publicity, etc.
Cultivating business partners through continuous participation in exhibitions and business meetings 
Careful and specific follow-ups 

There are various methods depending on type of business and industry, but it is important to have a long-term perspective. 
We have a mission to contribute to society through marketing. We have been providing our services with the hope of contributing to the development of enterprises that want to enter the Japanese market. 
Feel free to contact us as your business partner for success.





B2B Tech Marketing Agency in Japan |ISB Marketing's 6 Services
Last update:06/05/2022
Are you looking to grow or launch your business in Japan? We're here to provide marketing solutions, and to help create an effective B2B digital marketing campaign for you in Japan.

We have a proven track record when it comes to digital content marketing: check our portfolio for examples of our work. Of course we have experience in producing content such as brochures, websites, and case study reports.
The Casestudy Movie (Our Customer Interview) about our Marketing Research Service
Last update:05/01/2023
This video introduces a case study of ISB Marketing's marketing research service.
The client, Walnut Ltd., is engaged in the business of developing measurement equipment and providing survey and diagnosis services for concrete structures such as road tunnels, waterway tunnels, and dams all around in Japan.
Here is a interview with Walnut Ltd. about the background of their marketing research project and the effects and so on.
Only 3-minute video, so please take a look! (This video is now only available in Japanese.)
The Casestudy Movie (Our Customer Interview) about our PR Support Services
Last update:05/01/2023
This video introduces a case study of ISB Marketing's Public Relations Support Service.
The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan (JNIOSH) is the only comprehensive research institute for occupational safety and health in Japan with high priority requested by the government (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) . The JNIOSH actively conducts scientific researches in order to contribute administrating duties for the government and for workers in industries, for risk reduction of industrial accidents and diseases, promoting workers’ health, and creating safer and comfortable work environment.

Please watch the 3-minute video to learn more about the background of our PR support request and how effective we have supported. (This video is now only available in Japanese.)
Our Marketing Services (short version)|ISB Marketing Ltd, Japan
Last update:20/01/2023
We specialize in B2B Marketing and the Tech Sector , based in Japan. Please feel free to contact us!

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