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No more antimicrobial treatment. We provide "antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal treatment."

For (generic or specific) antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal treatment, we carry out safe and sustainable disinfection treatment by using Deofactor Casa which has obtained SEK Certification. We have carried out the treatment in hospitals, nursing care facilities, nursery schools, restaurants, and so on by using Deofactor Casa, a high-performance antiviral and antibacterial solution.

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Sanitation improvement business
Disinfection and cleaning work
For disinfection, we select a disinfectant and carry out disinfection treatment with it under the guidance of a medical advisor. As for antibacterial agents, we mainly use chlorine-based agents and rubbing alcohol (ethanol) that are recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We carry out disinfection treatment in the way most suitable for the site to be treated.  
Oxygen catalyst coating
Once this coating is performed, its effect lasts around the clock for 3 years. The coating method is effective for deodorization, microbe/virus growth control, sick house syndrome prevention, deodorizing, antifouling, and mold prevention. The coating method has passed various inspections and all of their standards.
About Deofactor Casa
Mineral oxygen catalysts generate active oxygen, dissolving germs and odor.
Natural minerals contained in ingredients of Deofactor Casa (iron, potassium, titanium, and zeolite) react with moisture in the air, generating active oxygen (OH radicals and hydrogen peroxide). The active oxygen deactivates and detoxifies viruses as well as destructive fungi and absorbs as well as decomposes bad smell. Deofactor Casa contains no chemicals such as chlorine and alcohol, and is used in facilities such as hospitals and nursing care facilities. Therefore, it can be used with peace of mind in environments where there are children or elderly people.

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