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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:59:13

TENDA Co., Ltd.

"Dojo", software for automatically creating manuals which has been introduced by more than a total of 2,600 companies

We have independently developed and sold "Dojo", an innovative software for automatically creating manuals which we are proud to say has been introduced by a total of more than 2,600 companies. Dojo has made many clients, regardless of their business categories and industries, realize the merits of introducing it such as "operational efficiency," "drastic reduction of man-hour for manual creation," "achievement of highly understandable education for system operation," and "quality unification." Dojo proposes solutions for not only manual creation, but also streamlining your company's business.

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Description of business
Business product business
Work style innovation solutions which utilize AI and cloud services
We provide tools and services for work style innovation solutions based on the concept of "streamlining the work of white-collar employees" regardless of their business categories or scale. We have been able to increase the satisfaction level of these tools and services in response to opinions from clients.
We provide AI (artificial intelligence)- and cloud-based products such as "Dojo", innovative software for automatically creating manuals which we are proud to say has been introduced by a total of more than 2,600 companies; "Dojo Sero", next-generation manual navigation; "D-Analyzer", a solution platform for automatically analyzing and introducing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) work; and "TENWA", a business chat service for activating business communications, so as to assist all companies in solving their problems.
IT solution business
IT solutions for producing results and supporting work style innovation 
By utilizing IT, we provide total support for the improvement and innovation of business operations and workflows, promoting workstyle innovation in clients' companies.
By making the maximum use of tools developed in-house for "streamlining the work of white-collar employees” and which have been our assets since our foundation, as well as the knowledge gained through the planning and development of many web services, sites, and applications, we are able to deal with all processes ranging from upstream processes to lower stream processes including operations. Furthermore, we provide a wide range of solutions for business improvement which are dedicated to Microsoft products and favorably welcomed by our clients.
Game contents business
Providing all games with high-performance
As a pioneer in the industry, TENDA Co., Ltd. has been creating and operating content including game content since 2001. Accordingly, we have capabilities of completing all processes related to social games, including planning, development, operation, and promotion, in our company, and knowledge as well as skills for promptly releasing games that are based on well-known game engines and protected by IP (intellectual property). We have been making continuous efforts to provide continued happiness for not only the customers who actually play the games, but also companies which seek game-related solutions.