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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:42:01

Adrec CORP.

Our company proposes digital traceability

We make use of our know-how and experience in advanced processing technology and precision machining parts manufacturing to contribute to your traceability management through manufacturing and development of torque wrenches and sales of wireless digital torque wrenches.

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Product information
Torque management tool
Our company's traceability management tool is not a tool to manage the fact that a screw was tightened. It is a tool to manage evidence and records of when work was done, who (which measuring tool) did it, and how much force was used.
Adding the wireless function enables real-time management and provides a higher-level management environment (feasibility of implementation). We have products ready to meet various customer needs.
Wireless Pro Wrench
The Pro Wrench digital production wrench is the ultimate in functionality, and is the culmination of ten years of our company's experience in the field of screw tightening.
Specializing in screw tightening work, it is more durable and less expensive, making it easier to incorporate into production lines.

"Three senses" to support the prevention of careless mistakes
Look! The LCD display lets you check the torque value in real time, and the two-color LED allows you to judge at a glance whether the value is normal (blue light) or over-torqued (red light).
Listen! A buzzer sounds to notify you of pre-set torque values or overtorque.
Feel! Vibrations are transmitted from the grip to the palm of the hand, allowing you to confirm the sensation of completion of tightening, like other manufacturers' hand tools.
Manufacturing/quality control solutions
Our digital procedure manuals and digital work standards free you from the need to rely on memory, and allow you to achieve reliable quality assurance and accurate tact time monitoring with digital traceability.