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Latest update: 08/12/2022 14:04:34

Bussan Co., Ltd.

Defense Apparel and Goods (DA & G)

[Business description and our strengths]
Under the motto of "Pursuing the safety and comfort of workplaces for workers", we outsource the production of products, planned in our company, to sewing factories, etc. inside and outside Japan, and directly sell textile products, including various work clothes, uniforms, and disaster relief materials, mainly to major corporations.  

[Main products, technologies, service outline, and application examples]
Various safety work clothes, radiation protection suits for nuclear power plants, life jackets, and disaster relief shelters 

[Applications for and acquisition of intellectual properties (patents, utility models, and so on)]
Patents: Mesh fabric and mesh cloths (5478405), radiation hazmat suit (5729706), and so on
Utility models: Free-size overall work clothes (3202437), life jacket (3210350), and so on
Trademarks: DA & G (2165425), BLIND TRICOT (5467780), and so on

[Certifications, government approvals, and licenses obtained by us]
Approval for selling specially controlled medical devices (31 Health, Hygiene, and Medicine No. 1308) 

[Track record of winning awards and media coverage]
"Airy but Hardly See-Through Fabric" received The Device Merits Award of the 45th Invention Award from The Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions (a public interest incorporated foundation) in March 2020.

[Track record of doing business or co-development with major corporations]
East Japan Railway Company (breathable-waterproof rain wear and various types of work clothes), Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated (antistatic work clothes), various nuclear power generation companies (radiation protection suits), Yamaha Motor Company (life jacket), a major theme park (various costumes), Japanese Red Cross Society (various disaster relief materials), etc.

[Track record of doing business or co-development with foreign companies] 
HDT Global (We obtained a license for producing a rapidly deployable tent and are producing the product in our Kumamoto Factory.) Procurement of certain materials
Various sewing companies in China (We ask them to produce and process uniforms to be produced in large lots.)

[Message from the CEO & President (measures for developing sales in the future, how to utilize J-GoodTech, and other information)]
I strongly believe that although we are in an era of sweeping change, demand for workplace safety and disaster relief products will continue in the future. We would like to provide products made from new materials or high function fiber in the future. We would like to utilize J-GoodTech for both procuring and selling materials and products.

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