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In-vehicle device design and development in areas such as car audio, car navigation, ETC, and others, and the reliability evaluation testing

We offer a wide range of products from host programs with user interfaces to firmware with hardware control. Our products are developed by specialized engineers, and the work from design to production is automated and systematized to improve measurement accuracy and avoid human error and to contribute to cost reductions through improvement of efficiency. 

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In-vehicle equipment design and development and reliability evaluation test
Circuit design, circuit board design, mechanical design, software development, production technology, reliability evaluation testing, instruction manuals, actual vehicle installation evaluations, and incidental work  
Manufacture and sale of high-end audio equipment [Phasemation]
Phasemation is a coined word that combines the word “phase” with the word “information.” The origin of stereo playback is attempts to better express the stage feeling of musical performance using L and R channels, and the phase characteristic between channels is an important factor in stereo recording, which is expressed in our brand name.
Our technological origin lies in the development and manufacture of electronic measuring instruments. We have become a company in a technology group whose main business is to engage in the development of completely autonomous driving systems for automobiles as a core technology. Therefore, we at Kyodo Denshi Engineering Co., Ltd., have built an environment in which the required advanced technology can be generously deployed to reproduce the phases that are required for music playback equipment.
Development service example
Software development services
1. Software development and evaluation of embedded devices
2. Development and evaluation of commercial car navigation systems
Production technology
1. The design and development of production equipment 
2. The development of automatic inspection programs for production and product development
3. Systems development using LabView