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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:59:13


We perform molding processes, mainly molding super engineering plastics. Furthermore, we engage in business such as designing, producing, and processing resin molding dies. Utilizing imagination and technologies, we meet the diversified needs of clients.

Our company is centered on manufacturing technologies, which utilize plastics molding, for electric precision components. With this as our core, we always aim to produce new values and utilize flexible thinking, personnel development, high-level technological development capabilities, as well as the total power of these abilities so as to accurately meet combined or diversified needs.
In addition, we are actively working on expanding our business overseas and going global by fully utilizing our creativity and innovation to continuously contribute to the achievement of a prosperous civilized society. 

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[Contents and strengths of our business]
Molding plastic parts for industrial purposes and designing as well as producing molding dies 
[Outline of our main products, technologies, products, as well as services, and examples of utilizing them] 
We mainly manufacture automotive components which include electrical components such as parts of instrumental panels and switches, critical security parts such as parts of steering wheels and seat belts, and engine parts such as capacitor cases. We carry out processes ranging from metal mold production to trial manufacture as well as mass-production, in an integrated fashion. We are also able to perform insert molding and decoration including printing and painting. 
Furthermore, we manufacture production machinery parts, parts of water section units, and small components such as electronic components, electrical parts, and connectors. 
[Certifications that we have obtained] 
[History of partnership and co-development with leading companies]
Panasonic Corporation, Marelli Corporation, FURUKAWA AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS Inc., and other leading companies 

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