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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:51

CosMED Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.

We pursue research, development, and manufacturing of an original system to deliver drugs safely and efficiently through the skin. This is based on medical adhesive technology, gelation technology, transdermal absorption promotion technology, and skin permeability evaluation technology, which are important elemental technologies for the TTS (transdermal absorption system) to absorb medicinal ingredients through the skin.

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Research and development
[Next-generation TTS] Micro-needle technology
Microneedle technology is our leading TTS technology. This is a new technology that enables safe and patient-friendly treatment by controlling the dosage of medication and reducing side effects. It is an innovation that will greatly contribute to the future development of medical treatment. In particular, we are a pioneer in the commercialization of dissolvable microneedles, and have accumulated a vast amount of know-how in design and quality control to satisfy needs in both development and manufacturing.
Medical adhesive technology
This is a compound technology for medical adhesives based on the premise that a pharmaceutical is applied to the skin for medical treatment. This is a technology that is extremely difficult to optimize without being an expert organization that excels in understanding transdermal absorption systems. This is because many conditions must be met, including a minimal burden on the skin, no influence over adhesiveness depending on the site of application, health condition, the weather and so on, and ability to control the duration of application.
Gelation technology
This is a technology to dissolve a plasticizer in a polymer that has a proven track record in skin application, and form a gel. A typical oil gel is a new functional base for medicine and skin care, in which a large amount of natural plant oil or mineral oil is added to a skin-friendly macromolecule polymer material to form a gel. Unlike water-based gels, oil gels do not temporarily feed water directly to the skin, and allow the active ingredients in the gel to penetrate into the skin while maintaining the skin's own moisture content. This has been researched and developed by specialists in the transdermal absorption of pharmaceuticals. Vitamins A, C, E, and so on, which are said to be essential nutrients for the skin, can penetrate into the skin hundreds of times better than water-based base products (water-based gels, creams, lotions, and emulsions).
Transdermal absorption enhancement technology
We use oil gelation technology for adhesive polymers, aiming to realize transdermal absorption formulations that can be delivered more safely and efficiently by utilizing transdermal absorption enhancers that are proven pharmaceutical additives.
Skin permeability evaluation technology
We make use of our independently developed TTS research equipment to evaluate the penetration of drug ingredients of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals into the skin. We can evaluate various types of skin such as artificial membranes, cultured skin, and human skin. We are able to measure the amount of penetration of combined ingredients into the stratum corneum, epidermis, and dermis, measure the amount of transdermal permeation, and visually evaluate the skin penetration behavior with micrographs.

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