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Latest update: 11/09/2020 23:15:06

Global Linx Technology corporation

We have established a system from development to production of mechanism, electricity, and software, and we can manufacture from a wide range of design development to production equipment and jigs from the product itself.

We have a development and production system for mechanisms, electricity, and software in contract development of electronic equipment, labor-saving equipment, automation equipment, etc., and are capable of a wide range of design, development, and production. Detailed support. Please leave it to us for planning and development, design, trial production, mass production, and maintenance.

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Please leave the design, manufacture, management and maintenance of inspection equipment, test equipment, production jig tools, etc.
We undertake the production, installation, and maintenance of various assembly & inspection equipment, test equipment, various labor-saving equipment, mechanical design of production jigs, mechanical design, and its control unit design.
We provide a wide range of flexibility from system construction to optimization of jigs, assembly & inspection equipment, etc.

Auto parts manufacturer
Electronic equipment manufacturer
Medical device manufacturer
Physics and chemistry equipment manufacturer
Production equipment manufacturer
We have a lot of achievements and know-how in our applications.

At our company
We have a mechanical, electrical, and software system.
We can do everything from device design & circuit design to manufacturing & wiring and software creation using 3D / 2D CAD.
Being aware of the feeling of use of those who actually use it,
"Easy to use!"
First of all, we design with an awareness that quality and cost are compatible at a high level.

We carefully inspect and adjust, and optimize and deliver according to the customer's request.
We have a lot of production results and know-how. Details
○ Design and manufacture of inspection equipment
○ Design and manufacture of product assembly equipment
○ Development and production of adjustment equipment, etc.
○ Design and manufacture of various packing devices
○ Design and manufacture of transport lines
○ Manufacture and installation of equipment for transporting production lines
○ Development and manufacture of various jigs and tools for mass production lines
○ Various testers
○ Design and manufacture of linear robot transfer system
○ Design and manufacture of various robot systems
○ Development of sorting equipment system
○ Design and manufacture of laser engraving machine
○ Design and manufacture of parts cutting equipment
○ Design and manufacture of welding jigs
○ Design and manufacture of cutting jigs
○ Design and manufacture of board cutting and splitting device
○ Design and manufacture of press crimping / cutting equipment
○ Design and manufacture of screw tightening system
○ Design and manufacture of grease application device
○ Design and manufacture of sealing material coating equipment
○ Design and manufacture of machine tools
○ Other various labor-saving equipment

● Please contact us for other functions and details.

Of course, there is a shortage in the customer's system construction,
Partial contracts for mechanical, electrical and software are also possible.
Please feel free to contact us.

International standard ISO9001 (compliant with March 2019)

We have enough space to assemble, adjust and test the designed equipment.


簡易版 開発事例&開発環境資料.pdf

Other presentation

・ Various mechanisms / mechanism design (3D / 2D CAD) / manufacturing
・ Electrical / electronic circuit design / manufacturing
・ Software development / creation

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