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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:42

123Server Co.,Ltd.

From Okayama, we contribute to the creation of customers for SMEs in Japan

We are an excellent company for world-leading SEO measures (measures for displaying in the top ranks of a search engine), such as the first IP address diversification servers offered in Japan. We offer rental servers with Class C or higher IP address diversification for SEO. We also offer 123 Domains, a platform for used domains for SEO, and Transeed, a website multilingualization service for inbound traffic.

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Services and applications
Rental server business
As an IP distributed server pioneer, we rolled out the first IP distributed server service in Japan in 2007.
We have been chosen by many customers, from individuals to major SEO companies, and currently have over 360,000 server contracts. (*As of January 2018, the total cumulative total of domestic Japanese and overseas IP address diversification servers)
Domain business
In addition to our registrar business, which allows customers to acquire new domains, we also handle various domain sales businesses such as back-order sales of expired domains and domains auctions. In addition, we have been developing our business with a focus on domains, such as offering an ASP-type business that provides various types of analysis data for expired domains.
Transeed business
We are engaged in the business of providing various tools related to inbound marketing, with a focus on our business of using artificial intelligence (AI) to provide an automatic translation engine that automatically translates websites and automatically generates foreign-language websites.

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