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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:02:57

AWL, Inc.

Opening up the future of shops with artificial intelligence 

We develop and provide AI camera solutions for settling issues for and adding value to retailers. 

Our strength lies in the fact that, with tie-ups with drugstore chains, we can repeat demonstrative experiments at shops and provide AI functions at levels that work in actual tasks for low prices.

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Sales Pitch

We add artificial intelligence to your existing security cameras to provide the optimal solutions to your shop operation. Our service is recommended for chain stores.

(1) You can retain your existing security cameras, thereby keeping your initial cost low.
Our AWL Box is designed for 7,042 brands of digital cameras from 391 manufacturers. Without uploading video on the cloud, our AWL Box installed in your shops analyzes data in real time, thereby protecting personal information. You can therefore use the product with confidence.

(2) Cheap and easy to configure
The AWL Box is very inexpensive, starting from as low as 20,000 yen per month. It is cheap enough to cover all of your shops. You can install it in about an hour according to the manual. You can also ask us to carry out the installation for you as necessary. 

(3) Cloud-assisted control of video from all shops
The AWL Box allows you to view video from all your shops securely through the cloud. Not only in Japan but also in chain stores of thousands of shops throughout the world, you can monitor the shop status in real time by PC and smartphone.

(4) A wide variety of AI functions to upgrade your shop management and make it more efficient
The AWL Box analyzes your visitors, the flow lines of personnel and visitors in retail space, the status of contact with products, and other in-shop behavior hitherto unvisualizable, and displays them on the dashboard.

The product also detects consumers in need of an attendant and thieves and other suspicious persons in real time and notifies the shop personnel to help increase sales and reduce losses for unknown reasons.

(5) One-stop response to the need for equipment works and machinery maintenance as well
At AWL, we not only provide AI functions but also use our team of specialists to follow all processes from installing cameras and equipment to post-installation maintenance, in a one-stop manner. Post-installation support is not the only thing we do. When you open a new shop, we will help you with all the processes beginning with the planning stage, so don't hesitate to consult us.

(6) Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT
The certification "Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT" is granted to devices verified in advance for their connectivity to the Azure IoT Hub that connects Microsoft Azure to devices.

Microsoft Azure IoT ensures linkage to the AWL Box from various environments, thereby supporting even more comfortable IoT solutions.

*Microsoft Azure is a trademark or registered trademark in the U.S. and throughout the world.
AWL Box mini
The AWL Box mini is an AI-assisted congestion sensing solution recommended for combatting congestion in shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, and other businesses. It is easy to install and is inexpensive.

(1) COVID-19 combat capability

The product comes with congestion prediction and mask detection as well. It is applicable to various scenes to avoid congestion.

The congestion prediction function can measure the entire premises and two locations of a target shop.

(2) Linking data to various devices

By linking the findings of congestion prediction by API, you can monitor it with various devices. 

By displaying the results on in-store digital signage or on visitor smartphones, you can ensure safety and security for your customers by avoiding congestion.

3. Application to marketing

Number of visitors, sex/age analysis, and population density analysis as analyzed by AI cameras can be used as marketing data.

You can also remotely operate the video from security cameras (because they are equipped with VMS as well), so you can view the video showing congested situations.
AWL Lite 
We have launched "COVID-19 combat capability" for free. 
AWL Lite avoids congestion and analyzes and visualizes the status of facilities, shops, and other locations.

(1) Easy and ready to use on the spot

All you need is a power supply. Anyone can easily configure the device, that is, once you connect it to a power supply, it is ready to use right away. When you no longer need it, all you have to do is turn it off.

(2) All you have to do is install and turn it on. You can then start the analysis.

The AI will recognize any persons on camera and  guess their sex and age, and you can view the calculation result on the dashboard in real time.

The screen displays marketing videos and informational images, with the AI functioning behind all that. Therefore, it won't overwhelm your consumers. 

(3) Inexpensive: from as low as 4,000 yen per unit per month

The service fee is 4,000 yen per month (including SIM communication fee) and the COVID-19 combat capability will be completely free as a supporting campaign. Other AI functions are also available as add-ons.
AWL thermo
AWL’s AI thermometer comes equipped with the latest technology to overcome the issues of conventional thermal cameras. It is thus a noncontact, thermometric, congestion-avoiding, easy-to-install solution.


(1) Noncontact: Ensures employee safety and saves labor.
Senses any person approaching from four meters ahead. Detects them with a monitor installed at a distance and reacts only to a person with a fever that has triggered an alert.

(2) Thermometry: Detects people accurately with fever, masked or not
Measures the temperatures of people in the range between 30 and 45 degrees C, with an accuracy of +/-0.1 degrees C in a laboratory environment. Measures people with fever, masked or not, accurately, by scanning their foreheads.

(3) AI facial recognition system: AI distinguishes registered persons instantaneously
Comes equipped with one of the world's top-notch facial recognition technologies to identify individuals by facial recognition, and applicable to VIP support, staff management, and safety measures as well.

(4) Congestion avoidance: Detects multiple people with fever simultaneously
Measures the temperatures of three or four people approaching from the entrance simultaneously. Visitors therefore do not have to stop. This system thus avoids congestion and long lines.

(5) Easy to install in about 30 minutes
The system is user-friendly, requiring no complicated operations. You can ask us to install it for you, so that you can use it with peace of mind.

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