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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:39

Suhada Mirai Lab Co.,Ltd.

We are a brand-new cosmetics manufacturing and OEM contracting company.

We may be the smallest cosmetics factory in Japan. But we are a new cosmetics manufacturing and OEM contracting company that can handle even small-lot orders.

We have been delivering various cosmetics to the world through production making use of our advanced technology for producing plant extracts, including a patented manufacturing method for the garden stonecrop, a plant that is full of vitality.

Our motto is that making high-quality products is a matter of course. The products we have developed based on our own know-how from design to distribution have been highly evaluated by the market.

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Sales Pitch

We create products that appeal to the world, with Monozukuri craftsmanship unconstrained by the common sense of the cosmetics industry
We develop products and raw materials from a variety of perspectives, including medicine, pharmacology, and biology, without being bound by the common sense of the cosmetics industry.
"Supernatural" cosmetics that are gentle to the skin, made using plant extract extraction technology
We possess special high-level technology for extracting plant extracts, including the mysterious vitality of the garden stonecrop.

We do not use any raw materials derived from four-footed animals. We use plant extract extraction technology to manufacture natural cosmetics that are gentle to the skin.
We do more than just make products. We also produce all processes up to stabilization.
There is no point in making a product if it cannot be effectively sold.
We produce everything from design to distribution through our group companies according to your needs.

[Cosmetics manufacturing and OEM production]
We manufacture and supply cosmetics and shampoos containing our unique extracted raw materials. We can handle small-lot orders.

In response to your requests, we create names, packages, sales promotion materials, and so on that resonate with people so that the finished articles are not buried among the many products in the world.

[Wholesale and distribution]
No matter how good a product is in terms of content and design, it is useless if people do not buy it. We distribute products to online stores, department stores, drugstores, and other real shops.

[Overseas expansion]
If products are properly matched up, we can expand into overseas markets around the world with large populations such as China and Indonesia through our own routes.
We conduct OEM manufacturing specialized in three categories.
(1) OEM cosmetics products based on our patented formula infused with the vitality of the garden stonecrop
The garden stonecrop (Benkei-so) is a medicinal herb that grows naturally on rocky and gravelly ground in the high mountains of northern Japan. It is used to coat wounded areas of the skin and for topical application to abscesses and other affected areas.

It has a mysterious vitality and does not die even if it is cut or thrown away. This is said to be the origin of its name in Japanese, which means a plant strong enough not to wither just like the legendary Japanese warrior Musashibo Benkei.

Our company's patented manufacturing method is based on a special process for extracting the mysterious vitality of the garden stonecrop and infusing it into cosmetics.
(2) Natural OEM cosmetics made from our unique plant extracts, which are gentle to the skin
We focus on extremely natural cosmetic formulations that are gentle to the skin. In the future, we will increase the number of our unique plant extract materials and create OEM cosmetics that cannot be made anywhere else.
(3) We can handle small-lot OEM cosmetics (without using any material derived from four-footed animals)
We do not use raw materials derived from four-footed animals in our goal to realize environmentally friendly, extremely natural cosmetics. We are also the smallest cosmetics factory in Japan, which allows us to produce small lots.

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