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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:39

N Lab Co.,Ltd.

We pursue pathological examinations that are useful for treatment

We conduct R&D in artificial intelligence that can be useful in assisting pathological diagnosis. We established our company in response to the question of what we, as medical professionals, can do to provide patients with more accurate pathological diagnosis in a timely manner. We understand the needs of actual clinical practice on our own, and conduct R&D to satisfy them.

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Business areas
01. Immunostaining and its analysis, with companion diagnostic drugs (such as PD-L1)
Recently there has been progress on the clinical application of various molecularly targeted therapeutic drugs. One such application that has been attracting attention is therapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors.

The use of these immune checkpoint inhibitors requires prior testing and analysis using companion diagnostic drugs and so on, and is conducted as insured medical treatment.

In addition to the items currently covered by insurance, we will be among the first to respond and provide information on newly approved tests in the future.
02. Commissioned pathological testing for research and clinical trials (immunostaining, etc.)
We take on commissions from researchers at hospitals, universities, companies, and so on, with a special focus on immunostaining. We also provide evaluation and analysis (scoring) of immunostaining by pathologists, and histopathological evaluation with HE-stained specimens.

When we accept a request for pathological examination for research or a clinical trial, we ask the client for a detailed overview of the research or trial as well as its objectives, and hold discussions via phone or Web conferencing if necessary, to determine the selection of antibodies and the staining and analysis methods before proceeding.

We can satisfy various needs, such as staining at a set time to follow the protocol of a clinical trial.
03. Virtual slide creation and storage in the cloud
We scan stained slides produced at your facility with a special scanner to produce virtual slides. By sharing the image data over the Internet, you can easily share and discuss the tissue images with others regardless of the time or place, without the inconvenience of sending glass slides.

No microscope is required and the images can be marked and so on, so the system can be used among doctors and also for explanations to patients. It can also contribute greatly to the creation of libraries of valuable cases and other information.

If the data is stored on a hard disk or cloud storage, important slides can be stored semi-permanently without fading, making them suitable for use as educational materials.
04. Providing an environment and systems for digital pathology and giving advice as a consultant
Currently, pathological diagnosis is undergoing a revolution with the revision of the payment system for medical services to allow pathological diagnosis by means of digital images.

By introducing a digital environment with virtual slides, pathological diagnosis can be performed without delays even when a pathologist is not available. You can also use conferencing, and seek consultation and the like when pathologists at your own institution are struggling with a diagnosis that is not their specialty.

In anticipation of the introduction of artificial intelligence and image analysis, it may be beneficial to digitize your pathology system.

We can recommend the most suitable scanner and environment for your facility, help you install a scanner, build an environment for remote diagnosis in collaboration with local clinics and hospitals, and introduce you to pathologists with various levels and specialties.
05. Annotation and cell counts of histopathological images
Cancer gene testing in oncology is attracting attention, and this testing requires indication of where cancer cells are on a slide and how many there are (annotation). 

Moreover, we also believe that deep learning for artificial intelligence in the pathology field will require this annotation.

People who are not medical professionals find it difficult to determine whether cells are cancer cells or not, and sometimes this is even difficult for doctors.

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