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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:40

Nagasaki Ekirei Shoji LLC.

An amazing freezing technology where food is just like fresh when defrosted!

Our amazing freezing technology will change the fishery industry. Fish that were previously unmarketable can now be profitable products!

We will contribute to solving issues faced in modern society by improving the production, distribution, and consumption of food through the use and spread of our amazing freezing technology, which achieves the same taste and texture as fresh even after thawing.

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Sales Pitch

Leave it to us for product planning and sales.
We are totally familiar with the characteristics of major consuming areas.
This is why we can propose ways to develop marketable products.
Major consuming areas have large sales channels.
This is why we can make plans assuming outlets from the very beginning.
We are rooted in a production area (Nagasaki).
This is why we are quite familiar with the way of life in production communities, unlike major consuming areas.
We have an innovative quick-freezing technology.
This is why we can make it possible to market products that had been unimaginable.

[Amazing freezing technology]
Hardly any dripping
Freezing time 1/20 of that with air cooling
No defrosting required

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