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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:48


Our company sells products that you would have expected to exist before, but didn't.

Our products include: Doorknob Pettan stickers, which can be applied to doorknobs to keep them clean with antibacterial, antiviral, and deodorant functions; Sakka King stockings that makes legs look straight and smooth; and Toilet Lid Back Pettan stickers, which can be applied to the back of toilet lids to eliminate odors and protect against bacteria and viruses just by flushing.

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Sales Pitch

Doorknob Pettan
Germs and viruses that adhere to doorknobs may pass on to various items via human hands. When our Doorknob Pettan sticker is applied to a doorknob, the antibacterial, antiviral, and deodorizing functions will keep the doorknob clean.

[According to a contact infection experiment at the University of Arizona]

When a similar virus was applied to the entrance door of an office building where 80 people worked, the virus was detected on the hands of more than half of the employees within four hours, and eventually spread to the hands of more than 70% of the employees.

The virus was detected in various places including telephones, PCs, doorknobs, copiers, and elevator buttons.

They also found that the average adult brings their fingers to their eyes, nose, and mouth about 16 times per hour.

For infants between the ages of 2 and 5, the number of times reached 50 times.

*This product has not been confirmed to be effective against COVID-19.
Sakka King
Sakka King products are amazing stockings with visible and invisible mesh lines on both sides, which create an illusion of slender straight legs by drawing the eye up and down vertically to make legs look longer, and by creating a contouring effect that makes the shape of the legs stand out three-dimensionally.

In addition, just by wearing them like conventional stockings, you can adjust your leg line and beautifully cover up bug bites, bruises, and scratch marks on your hard-working legs.
Toilet Lid Back Pettan
Just stick our Toilet Lid Back Pettan sticker to the back of the toilet lid and flush for deodorizing as well as protection against germs and viruses.

[Effective usage]

(1) Close the lid
Close the lid to block viruses and germs from scattering from inside the toilet bowl.

(2) Flush with water
A Toilet Lid Back Pettan sticker attached to the inside of the lid has deodorizing, antibacterial, and antiviral effects.

*This product has not been confirmed to be effective against COVID-19.
Mobile phone stickers with deodorizing, antibacterial, and antiviral functions
Touching the sticker will keep your hands clean.
You can expect deodorizing, antibacterial, and antiviral functions when you keep your cell phone with this sticker product in an enclosed bag. It can also be used for wallets, laptops, and so on in addition to mobile phones and smartphones. (Made in Japan)

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