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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:40

Thrombo Translational Research Lab Inc.

We will contribute to the prevention and treatment of thrombosis-related diseases by opening up new thrombosis science.

We are working on R&D of in-vitro blood testing, diagnostic reagents, and testing devices to create new blood testing technologies based on the latest research results in thrombosis and hemostasis, and to apply them to the diagnosis of thrombosis and bleeding disorders.

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Development of SMAT, a highly sensitive blood coagulation test reagent kit
What is SMAT testing?
Thrombin formation (generation) testing is a blood coagulation test, and recently it has been used as comprehensive testing method to investigate abnormalities in blood coagulation.

Based on a new blood coagulation mechanism* discovered by our President and CEO Yuichi Kamikubo, we have established a highly sensitive trace-quantity thrombin generation test, which is a significant improvement over the conventional test method, and have developed a dedicated reagent kit.

We call it SMAT (Smart Analysis of Thrombin Production) as a blood coagulation test that examines the amount of trace quantities of thrombin formed in the early stages of blood coagulation.

*Source: Blood. 130(14):1661-1670, 2017.
Examples of applications of SMAT testing
Research to investigate abnormalities and changes in blood coagulation in patients with thrombosis and bleeding
Development of related reagents for testing the relationship between thrombosis and other serious diseases (cancer, infectious diseases, etc.)
Development of drugs for the treatment and prevention of diseases related to blood clots
Development of extracorporeal circulation systems and detection devices for blood
Scheduled lineup of SMAT test reagent kits
It is well known that abnormal or deficient functioning of FV III causes severe bleeding, but conversely, its excessive presence causes thrombosis. This SMAT test reagent kit is for quantifying only thrombin formed in dependence on FV III activated by FXa-FVIIa-TF trimer.

02. SMAT-TF Kit
We are developing a test reagent that detects thrombin formed independently of FV III.

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