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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:43

Kumamoto Enviroment Research Co.,Ltd.

We provide reliable environmental measurement technology to evaluate the quality of the environment

We measure the quality of drinking water and wastewater, to objectively determine the safety of the water we drink every day and the security of our living environment.

Our work does not end with measurement. We also provide technical advice and support to managers to solve problems when they occur.

We also sell a variety of water quality test kits.

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Business areas
Environmental measurement certification and analysis services
Environmental analysis (water quality, soil)
Water quality investigation and soil analysis (content and elution tests), for factory wastewater, industrial water, domestic wastewater, river water, seawater, well water, etc.

Environmental measurement (air)
Measurement of particulate matter, NOx, SOx, and hydrogen chloride concentrations in exhaust gas from boilers, incinerators, dust collectors, etc.

Working environment measurement

Environmental assessment (river and sea water quality surveys, environmental impact prediction)
Preliminary assessment and environmental status analysis for installation of specified facilities

Sick house measurement services

Industrial waste analysis (content and elution testing)
Analysis of specially controlled industrial waste such as sludge, particulate matter, incinerated ash, waste acid, waste alkali, and waste oil)

Analysis of malodorous substances
Legal standard components, sensory tests (3-point comparison odor bag method)

Noise and vibration measurement

Drinking water quality testing
Water quality testing according to construction regulations pursuant to the Act on Maintenance of Sanitation in Buildings

Swimming pool and bathtub water quality testing, Legionella bacteria testing

Radioactivity analysis
Plant management
Tap water plants (maintenance and upkeep of membrane filtration systems, etc.)
Drainage plants (maintenance and upkeep of wastewater treatment facilities)
Water treatment plants (maintenance and upkeep of industrial wastewater treatment plants)
Design, construction, maintenance, inspection, and other handling of industrial wastewater treatment plants
Maintenance of environmental measurement equipment
Maintenance of water pollutant monitoring equipment (COD meters) and air pollution measurement equipment (NOx, SOx, and Ox meters), etc.
Maintenance and upkeep of water circulation filtration systems
Swimming pools, hot springs, public baths, etc.
Buildings maintenance services
Drinking water quality testing in buildings
Air quality measurement in buildings

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