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Latest update: 21/04/2021 14:04:53

Institute of Safe&Security Science

Safety guidance targeting petroleum refining and petrochemical companies

We survey and research the latest safety trends in Japan and overseas to contribute to the safety and security of industrial complex companies.

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Advanced safety systems utilizing information technology
Services provided
Automation of safety evaluations
Operator support systems
Education/training systems using VR
Information teaching systems using AR
Automation of safety evaluation
Safety evaluation system
Support for safety measures to identify sources of risks, and calculate and reduce risks
Risk identification section
A system that identifies risks and indicates accurate anomalous propagation
Risk evaluation section
Risk calculation and effective safety measure support
Flow of corresponding operation presentations
Decisions on supported operations
Refer to the manual and analyze based on fluctuations in sensor values
Evaluation of supported operations
Use an operation simulator to check supported operations that have been decided on to see if the operation is executed correctly

Display of supported operations
Present necessary information for the operator to perform the supported operation in the event of an abnormality

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