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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:30

Ranfamu Co., Ltd.

The production of cancer stem cells and the evaluation of anticancer drugs and antitumor foods 

Using our technology to generate “cancer stem cells” from client stem cells for further evaluation, our goal is to establish medical treatments that are individually suited to each patient even before there are symptoms of cancer. By collecting cancer stem cells with various genetic backgrounds and compiling them into a database, we provide services that can be used to screen for carcinostatic agents. This is a predictive business model based on such information, aimed at early treatment of cancer.

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Development of fundamental “time-machine” cancer treatments using stem cells
Cancer stem cells prepared from iPS cells
By changing iPS cells with a unique methodology using iPS cells generated from blood cells, we prepare cancer stem cells that match the donor’s genetic background.
Cancer Stem Cell Atlas Project
Preserving cancer stem cells as a bank. Compiling a database of information derived from cancer stem cells (gene sequences, ohmic data, such as genome).

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