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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:51

Carry Through Co.,Ltd.

Development and design of compact high-efficiency solar tracking PV systems

We have technologies cultivated in software/hardware development, FA (factory automation) system engineering design, manufacturing and adjustment, development and design of solar tracking PV equipment, and so on.

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Description of the business
Engineering solutions
We design and build control systems in the FA (Factory Automation) field.
IHOS-Solar (solar tracking power generation system)
This is a solar tracking power generation system in which the position of the sun is calculated through the year and solar panels are controlled to constantly generate power efficiently.
Remote monitoring system for solar power generation facilities
Our system communicates with the power conditioner of a power generation facility and monitors the status of power generation and the status of anomalies at a remote management office using a network server. 
If an anomaly occurs, the status is shown on the management monitor and email is sent to registered mobile phones or PCs as notice of the status of the anomaly. 
This function makes it possible to ascertain the status of a power generation facility as soon as possible after an anomaly occurs, which makes it possible to maintain the facility and manage failures so as not to reduce the running time.
Portable string checker
This is a string checker to quickly detect anomalies such as degradation in the amount of power generation at solar power generation facilities.  
It can measure up to 16 channels simultaneously in a junction box or assembly box. An I-V curve tracing function can be added as an option.
IHOS (Integrated Home Operation System)
This is an integrated home system that allows people to live comfortably while being environmentally friendly.

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