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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:38

Kyodoken Institute

Research and development of animal pharmaceuticals, feed additives, and agricultural chemicals used in various animal and fishery industries

We are one of the few companies that is capable of offering safety, persistency, and clinical testing in animals and humans, in addition to our consulting. Characteristics of our business include: business expansion to drugs for human use and medical equipment; responding to a wide range of testing and clinical trial needs, from the preparation of pig pathophysiology models to testing the safety and efficacy of drugs and medical equipment; extensive expertise and testing technology.

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Business content
GLP application tests, GCP application clinical trials, and GLP/GCP nonapplication tests
There is a need to obtain approval from regulators for the manufacture and sale of new medicinal products for veterinary use. To obtain such approvals, the applicants are required to submit various data to respective regulators.
At Kyodoken Institute, we perform testing and collect data in response to customers’ requests, supporting them in providing new products to the market. We contribute to the health of animals and people by responding to various needs.

Food additives
Medicinal products for veterinary use.
Agricultural chemicals
Domestic animals
Currently, offer breeding for the following animals:
Pigs (from adopting pregnant sows, farrowing, bringing up, weaning, and fattening to shipping)
Cows (within three months of life, up to 350 kg)
Dogs (long-term breeding is available)
Cats (long-term breeding is available)
Chickens (meat-type chicken; newly hatched to matured hens)
Quails (newly hatched to matured)
Perciformes (yellowtails, great amberjacks, red sea breams, and groupers), Order Pleuronectiformes (flatfish), tetraodontiformes (threadsail filefish and Takifugu rubripes), other freshwater fish (ayu, salmons, eels, and carp).
Future business development
We want to expand regenerative medical treatment businesses (basic research and nonclinical studies) for human medication.

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